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Salaries Tax TipsHalkyard, AJ1999387
The Scheme for Construction ContractsMcInnis, JA1997230
Second chance assessment: assessment practice reform in Hong Kong Legal EducationWu, R; Dilena, MJ201166
Sentencing in Hong KongWhitfort, A2008281
Sentencing in Hong KongHeilbronn, GN1996144
Setting up a Legal Clinic in Hong Kong: progress and challengesCheung, ETM2010295
Settlement Without Tears: Practical Advice for Negotiating Settlements of Civil Claims'Cheung, ETM200184
Ship Mortgage and Vessel Arrest Laws in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan -- a Comparative AnalysisChan, FWH2007205
ShippingChan, FWH201178
Shipping and Logistics Law: Principles and Practice in Hong KongChan, FWH; Wong, B; Ng, J2002166
The Significance of Actuarial Evidence and Mortality Statistics in Personal Injury LitigationsChan, FWH201329
Similar fact evidenceWhitfort, AS2008150
Similar fact evidenceWhitfort, AS2009150
Similar fact evidence and criminal trials; Law Lectures for PractitionersWhitfort, AS200364
Similar Fact Evidence, Its Uses and LimitationsWhitfort, AS2004172
Society of Construction Law Hong KongMcInnis, JA2000229
Source of profits principle: 1998 restatementHalkyard, AJ1998167
Source of Profits: Its Time (For Change)Halkyard, A2005101
Spatial structure of urban legal culture of BeijingNg, MHK201247
Spectrum Plus - A Critique'Young, JYK2004120
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