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10 Years After: Hong Kong Alive & Well?Weisenhaus, D2007752
17-part series on China's 17th Party Congress completed in both English and Chinese and posted to the China Media Project website (, September-October 2007Qian, G2007200
28 key terms in Chinese media reformQian, G2006242
A technical analysis of China's internet censorshipFeng, Guangchao.; 馮廣超.2007977
A thorn on the side of China: the Hong Kong Catholic Church in transitionWong, Fu-wing, James.; 黃富榮2001283
Abode-right seekers in Hong KongMak, Hing-yee, Vivian.; 麥慶儀.2001650
Access to Information and the Journalistic ExperienceWeisenhaus, D2008146
Accessing suicide-related information on the internet: a retrospective observational study of search behaviorWong, PWC; Fu, KW; Yau, SP; Ma, HH; Law, YW; Chang, S; Yip, PSF201366
Analyzing Media Coverage on Government's Disaster Management Practices after Wenchuan Earthquake: A Preliminary ResultFu, KW; Zhou, L; Chan, YY2009129
Article 23 and Freedom of the Press: A Journalistic PerspectiveWeisenhaus, D2003160
Assessing Censorship on Microblogs in China: Discriminatory Keyword Analysis and the Real-Name Registration PolicyFu, KW; Chan, C; Chau, MCL201372
Avian influenza risk perception, Europe and AsiaDe Zwart, O; Veldhuijzen, IK; Elam, G; Aro, AR; Abraham, T; Bishop, GD; Richardus, JH; Brug, J2007173
Avian Influenza risk perception, precautions, and support of risk prevention policy in TaiwanWu, YC; Abraham, T2007133
Battling for the environment on Peng ChauLam, Kit-yin, Canace.; 林潔賢2001344
The Best Memorials Looking History in the Eye', about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and the importance of remembering major historical events.Qian, G2006107
Big events: a collection of citizen journalism and action in the age of digital mediaZhai, ML; Chan, YY; Qian, G201342
Blind Spots and Doubts in Coverage of the 7.5 Xinjiang IncidentQian, G2009148
Blogs and China Correspondence: Lessons about Global Information FlowsMacKinnon, R2008178
The Booming Business of Mainland NewsChan, YY201132
Campaigning for communications decency in Hong KongCheuk, Wing-chuen.; 卓永椿.2001391
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