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A comparative study of the themes of Yoshimoto Banana's "First phase Banana": Tugumi, N.P. and AmuritaHeung, Kak-lam, Jimmy.; 香格琳.2006389
A comparative study of two Japanese-English and two Japanese-Chinese translations of the Tale of GenjiShen, Lok-hin, Kevin.; 沈樂軒2003649
A study of the Chinese influence on Akutagawa Ryūnosuke as reflected in his "Chūgoku-mono"Yeung, Wing-yin, Virginia.; 楊詠賢1992331
Acquisition of Japanese tense and aspect by Cantonese speakersInoue, Yumi.1998406
An anthropological study of a Japanese supermarket in Guangzhou, mainland ChinaWang, Huang; 王璜2010512
China in the Japanese press: a case study of Zhu Rongji's visit to Japan in 2000Rong, Xuefei.; 榮雪霏.2002204
Cross-cultural communication in a Japanese multinational company in Hong KongChan, Yan-chuen.; 陳仁川.2002811
Cultural globalization?: the contemporary influence of Japanese animation on Hong Kong teenagersPoon, Man-wai.; 潘文慧20011,302
Delayed marriage in contemporary Japan: a qualitative studyTokuhiro, Yoko.2004314
Demonstratives in literary translations: a contrastive study of English and JapaneseChiu, Ching-li, Lily.; 趙靜莉.1999632
Educational reform in Japan and Hong Kong: a comparative study of curriculum decentralizationWong, Nai-kei.; 黃乃淇.2004619
Escape, exploration and pursuit: Japanese women working in Hong KongLau, Sum-yin.; 劉心硏.1998322
How rebellious are their images: a comparative look at two Asian starsHui, Pak-keung.; 許伯強2002348
Is the civil service an equal opportunity employer?: female civil servants in Japan and Hong KongHo, Man-yee.; 何文儀.2004573
Japanese small and medium electronics firms in South China: changing subcontracting structuresChan, Ka-sik.; 陳嘉適.2001693
Juvenile delinquency in contemporary Japan: approaches to understandingChan, Kai-fai; 陳嘉輝2004247
Livelihood, lifestyle and labor market: why older Japanese workLutzen, Andreas.2002229
Make a company localized or personalized: a case study of a Japanese electric subsidiary in ShanghaiZhang, Shu; 章抒2005305
Male homosexuality in modern Japan: cultural myths and social realitiesMcLelland, Mark James.19992,067
Managerial control in a Japanese electronic manufacturing company in Hong KongTam, Sze-wan.; 譚思韻.1998281
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