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Taking people seriously: a case study of Japanese adult videos in Hong Kong' (a joint paper with H.Y. Yau)Wong, HW2002101
Temporary work in Japan and Hong Kong: the situation of female workersWong, Kam-fong, Winky.; 黃錦芳.2004700
The idea of kingship in ancient Chinese and Japanese mythologies: a comparative studyChan, Wai-yu.; 陳慧瑜.2004255
The management of a Japanese information technology company in Hong KongWoo, Po-shan, Faustine.; 胡葆珊.2001492
The self-perceived identities of half-Japanese: a Hong Kong-Japanese / German-Japanese comparisonGundermann, Maiko Angela.2006261
Time in the novels of Murakami HarukiYeung, Wing-yin, Virginia.; 楊詠賢2010378
To understanding Japanese society and culture is to go 'international': Emergence of 'Japaneseness' in Yaohan Hong KongWong, DHW2001113
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Early 20th Century to 1931Chan, CY200278
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Late 19th Century to Early 20th CenturyChan, CY2003136
Trade between Hong Kong and Japan from Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century [In Chinese]Chan, CY199981
Trains to Nepal Leaves India Feeling ColdTeo, VEL2007100
Translating Japanese adult movies in Taiwan: Transcending the production- consumption oppositionYau, HY; Wong, HW2010447
Troubled waters: China's efforts to quench its growing thirstTeo, V2007114
Turning Japanese Electric Rice Cookers into Chinese: How National/Panasonic has sold 8 million sets in Hong Kong with the population of only 6.8 million [Onaji Kama no Meshi: National Suihanki wa Jinko 680man no Hong Kong de Naze 800man-dai Uretaka] (in JNakano, Y; Wong, HW2005120
Two or Three Things that I Know About Anthropological SubjectivityWong, HW2009120
Understanding Management Philosophy as Hegemony or Ideology, Or, the First Step Toward Business AnthropologyWong, DHW201329
Using Epistemic Modal Suffixes and Sensation / Emotion Adjectives to Determine Narrative Distance in The Tale of GenjiMurakami, F2000135
When Hong Kong consumers meet Japanese popular culture: Case studies of Japanese comics and Yaohan spreading to Hong Kong after World War IIWong, HW2004125
Who initiates a global flow?: Japanese popular culture in AsiaNakano, Y2002207
Why globalizing with an unconservative corporate culture still inhibits localization of management--The telling case of YaohanWong, HW200492
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