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Radio BroadcastingNakano, Y2002103
Reality inhabited by a poet, Nishiwaki JunzaburoMiyauchi, Kazuko; 宮內和子2002259
A Recipe for Diversity: Cooking Different Varieties of Rice in Asia.Nakano, Y200674
A Recipe for Diversity: The Role of Chinese Intermediaries in Globalizing Japanese Rice CookersNakano, Y200583
Records of Japanese Visitors to Hong Kong from 1900 to 1940Chan, CY; 陳湛頤2005195
Removing a Cantonese-based Accent to Achieve Near-native Pronunciation in Foreign LanguagesLai, EYW2003110
Reporting Hong Kong: Foreign Media and the HandoverKnight, A; Nakano, Y199986
Retail Industry'Wong, HW200294
Review of Okada Akira, the past, present and future of Hong KongChan, CY199496
Review of Yamaguchi Fuminori, selected essays on Hong KongChan, CY199494
Revised 2nd Edition of A Japanese Cantonese DictionaryLai, YW199887
Revised 6th editionLai, YW200067
Revised 7th editionLai, YW200067
Revised Edition of Japanese for Cantonese SpeakersLai, YW199768
Selling Japan in Hong Kong: William Mong and the National BrandRefsing, K; Nakano, Y; Wong, HW2003133
Softening the Sharp Edges of ‘Japan’: Young Chinese who Grew up with Tojo, Doraemon, and Tokyo Love Story on TVNakano, Y200597
Softening the Sharp Edges of “Japan”: Growing up with Tojo, Doraemon, and Tokyo Love Story in ChinaNakano, Y200678
Some Management Problems of Japanese Companies in Hong KongWong, HW199972
Some management problems of Japanese companies in Hong Kong: A case of YaohanWong, HW199990
The Success of Yaohan and the Social Changes of Hong KongWong, HW2006178
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