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He treats me well so I please him with my body: A comparative study of the negotiation processes in sex in Taipei and Hong Kong (a joint paper with H. Y. Yau)Wong, HW2003109
Hitei Hyogen ni Tsuite (on the negative exprssions)Murakami, F199584
Hong KongMurakami, F200384
Hong Kongs guided tours: Contexts of tourism image construction before 1997Okano, M; Wong, HW2004188
Honkon kankookyookaiban gaidotsuki Honkontsuaa: Kankooinmeejikoochiku no bunmyaku' [Hong Kong Tourist Association's guided tours: Contexts of tourism image construction]Wong, HW200280
How Individual Behaviors are Ordered but Not Prescribed by Culture: Reflections on the Pornography Use Among Women in TaiwanWong, HW; Yau, HY2011112
How rebellious are their images: a comparative look at two Asian starsHui, Pak-keung.; 許伯強2002348
The ideal language teacher in the Hong Kong University context (in Japanese)Lui Kobayashi, M; Lai, YW1995108
Ideology and Narrative in Modern Japanese LiteratureMurakami, F199687
The influences of Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of Japanese popular music and YaohanWong, HW; Hui, CH2005287
Introduction: Japanese Pornography and Chinese DesiresWong, HW; Yau, HY2008233
An IPA Phonetics Workbook to Help Removing a Cantonese-based Accent in EnglishLai, EYW2003233
Is the civil service an equal opportunity employer?: female civil servants in Japan and Hong KongHo, Man-yee.; 何文儀.2004573
Ito-yokado'Wong, HW2002102
J sha no nihonjin dansei Chuuzaiin no pawaaporitikkusu' [The power politics among male Japanese expatriates in J company]Wong, HW200299
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200294
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000'Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200299
Japan in the Eyes of the Open-Door Policy Generation (in Chinese)Nakano, Y; Leung, M; Pan, Y; Li, D2002167
Japanese Adult Videos, Hong Kong Chinese Reading: Indigenising Japanese Pornographic CultureYau, HY; Wong, HW2008595
Japanese Bosses, Chinese Workers: Power and Control in a Hong Kong MegastoreWong, HW1999114
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