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The Concept of 'Kaisha' and Japanese Corporate Management SystemWong, HW2007102
Corporate Philosophy and Organizational Culture: An Anthropological Study of the Corporate Management of Yaohan Hong KongWong, HW2008118
Cross-cultural communication in a Japanese multinational company in Hong KongChan, Yan-chuen.; 陳仁川.2002809
Cross-linguistic Transfer Patterning and Prosodic Typology: Cantonese, Japanese, EnglishLai, EYW2002112
Cultural globalization?: the contemporary influence of Japanese animation on Hong Kong teenagersPoon, Man-wai.; 潘文慧20011,300
The cultural influences of Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: The case studies of Japanese music and YaohanWong, HW2003100
DaieiWong, HW200299
Daily Conversations in Japanese. Book TwoChan, CY1995102
Delayed marriage in contemporary Japan: a qualitative studyTokuhiro, Yoko.2004311
Demonstratives in literary translations: a contrastive study of English and JapaneseChiu, Ching-li, Lily.; 趙靜莉.1999632
Digital Fast Food: Japanese Dramas on Chinese Campuses'Nakano, Y; Wu, Y.M200283
Digital fast foods: Japanese TV dramas in ChinaNakano, Y; Wu, Y2002116
Domination by 'money power': One year after the corporatization of national universitiesOzawa, H; Nakayama, I2009106
Educational reform in Japan and Hong Kong: a comparative study of curriculum decentralizationWong, Nai-kei.; 黃乃淇.2004618
The Emergence of a New Sexual Ideal: A Case Study of Yuki Maiko's Pornographic VCDs in Hong KongYau, HY; Wong, HW2009447
Escape, exploration and pursuit: Japanese women working in Hong KongLau, Sum-yin.; 劉心硏.1998320
A few but valuable things that I learned from Nakamaki SenseiWong, HW201258
Fitzhugh, W. & Dubreuil, C. (eds.) (1999). Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People: Book reviewsRefsing, K2001312
Following the West, stillWong, DHW2008104
From Daimaru to Yaohan: Japanese retailers and the social development of Hong Kong'Wong, HW200297
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