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J.J. Rousseau's Social contract and the emergence of republican ideas in modern China, 1895-1911Lam, Kai-yin.; 林啓彥1984447
Jamieson, ArthurRoberts, PM200078
Jamieson, ArthurRoberts, PM200268
Jebb, Sir Hubert Miles GladwynRoberts, PM200065
Jebb, Sir Hubert Miles GladwynRoberts, PM200296
Jessup, Philip C.Roberts, PM199963
Jessup, Philip C.Roberts, PM200270
Jewish Bankers, Russia, and the Soviet Union, 1900-1940: The Case of Kuhn, Loeb and CompanyRoberts, PM199995
John J. McCloy: Architect of the American Century.'Roberts, PM200364
Johnson, U. AlexisRoberts, PM200072
Johnson, U. AlexisRoberts, PM199967
Johnson, U. AlexisRoberts, PM200282
Johnson, U. AlexisRoberts, PM199860
joint editorship plus 'Introduction', , Rosenstock-Huessy: Revolution and the Redeeming of the World: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's Messianic Reading of History;' 'Rosenzweig: Redemption and Messianism in Rosenzweig's The Star of Redemption'Cristaudo, WA2006104
Jooste, Petrus GerhardieRoberts, PM200269
Jooste, Petrus GerhardieRoberts, PM199962
Juan Yuan: a biographical study with special reference to mid-Ch‘ingsecurity and control in southern China, 1799-1835Wei, Betty Peh-T‘i; 魏白蒂1981322
Kattenburg, PaulRoberts, PM200074
Kattenburg, PaulRoberts, PM199874
Katzenbach, NicholasRoberts, PM199869
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