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9/11 As Diplomatic Milestone and turning PointRoberts, PM2009169
A comparative study of the political concepts of M.K. Gandhi and Mao Zedong, 1919-1949Kripalani, Coonoor.1986377
A comparison of the colonial medical systems in British Hong Kong (1841-1914) and German Qingdao(1897-1914)Fong, Ho-nam.; 方浩楠.2005479
A history of baseball in Asia: assimilating, rejecting and remaking America's gameReaves, Joseph Allen.1998336
A rethinking of George F. Kennan's containment strategy and U.S. foreign policy in Western Europe and East AsiaLuo, Xi; 羅兮2006358
A study of the 1925-26 Canton-Hong Kong strike-boycottChung, Lu-cee, Rosemarie.; 鍾露茜.1969463
A study of the channels of promotion of important civil officials in the T‘ang central governmentSun, Guodong; 孫國棟1973290
A study of the compiling activities of local gazetteers in Kwangtung in the Ch'ing dynastyPang, Tim-tim, Terence.; 彭添添1981315
A study of the historiography of Vladimir I. LeninWong, Sau-wai, Shirley.; 黃秀慧2002550
A study of the influence of social Darwinism on the ideas of history in China, 1895-1906Sinn, Elizabeth.; 冼玉儀1979328
A study of the response of Japanese bungakusha toward social reality in the Meiji-Taishō periodChang, Chia-ning.; 張嘉寧1976269
A study of the thought of statecraft scholars in early nineteeth century ChinaWong, Bing-yee, Becky.; 王冰儀1997322
A warlord regime and a colony: a comparative study of the economic policies of the Canton and Hong KongGovernments, 1929-1936Chan, Kwong-tak.; 陳光德.1995389
Adenauer, KonradRoberts, PM2008104
Adolescence dans le contexte culturel de la ville'Pomfret, DM200391
'Age before Beauty': Adolescence, Spectacle and Body Politics in France, Fin-de-siecle'Pomfret, DM200391
Albertus Magnus De adhaerendo DeoCunich, PA1994133
Allison, John M.Roberts, PM2000134
Allison, John MooreRoberts, PM201091
America's China policy, 1949-1952: a reappraisal of a critical periodChu, Cindy Yik-yi.; 朱益宜1991363
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