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A reassessment of Donatello's and Titian's Penitent Magdalens and the perspectives they offer on women and religion in Italian Renaissance art and societyBryan, Katie Jane2009237
A study of Kang Youwei's (1859-1927) Guang yizhou shuangjiLiu, Zeguang.; 劉澤光2000299
A study of orchid paintings in China: from the Sung to Ming dynastiesChui, Yin-har, Eliza.; 崔嫣霞1979377
A study of Shiwan potteryScollard, Fredrikke Skinsnes.1981438
A study of the stone sculptures of Dazu, Sichuan Province, with special reference to Dafowan at BaodingshanWong, Anita.; 黃燕芳1985362
Chen shizeng (1876-1923) and the reform of Chinese artGao, Xindan.; 高昕丹.2004286
China trade painting: 1750s to 1880sLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.2005266
Christian faith in the art of Wu Li (1632-1718)Fung, Nok-kan, Nicole.; 馮諾勤.2012260
Collecting and picturing the orient: China's impact on nineteenth-century European ArtWong, Mei-kin, Maggie.; 黃美堅.2003543
Dance sculpture as a visual motif of the sacred and the secular: a comparative study of the BelurCennakesava and the Halebidu Hoysalesvara templesRamaswami, Siri.2000519
Dream, pilgrimage and dragons in the Kegon Engi Emaki (illustrated legends of the Kegon patriarchs): readingideology in Kamakura Buddhist narrative scrollsChan, Yuk-yue.; 陳玉茹.2006461
Envisioning authority: the Mongol imperium and the Yonglegong mural paintings and architectureLi, Chun-tung.; 李俊彤.2012244
Fashioning food in impressionist paintingWong, Sau-mui, Alice; 黃秀梅2011101
Feng Zikai's (1898-1975) Manhua on the theme of childrenTo, Pui-yee, Perry.; 杜培義1999313
From aestheticism to the modern movement: Whistler, the artists Colony of St. lves and Australia, 1884-1910Thomson, Jonathan Wyville.2003213
Hong Kong art photography: from its beginnings to the Japanese invasion of December 1941Lai, Kin-keung, Edwin.; 黎健強.1996671
Hua Yen, 1682-1756: his life and artTsang, Ka Bo.; 曾家寶1983349
Huang Binhong (1865-1955) and his redefinition of the Chinese paintingtradition in the twentieth centuryKotewall, Pik-yee.; 蘇碧懿1998287
Huishi Fawei: the theoretical writing of Tangdai (1673 - after 1752)Lam, Susan Y. Y.; 林亦英1999249
In pursuit of classical professionalism: a consistent feature of Zhang Daqian and his artLaw, Suk-mun, Sophia.; 羅淑敏2000333
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