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A reassessment of Donatello's and Titian's Penitent Magdalens and the perspectives they offer on women and religion in Italian Renaissance art and societyBryan, Katie Jane2009241
A study of Kang Youwei's (1859-1927) Guang yizhou shuangjiLiu, Zeguang.; 劉澤光2000300
A study of orchid paintings in China: from the Sung to Ming dynastiesChui, Yin-har, Eliza.; 崔嫣霞1979379
A study of Shiwan potteryScollard, Fredrikke Skinsnes.1981438
A study of the stone sculptures of Dazu, Sichuan Province, with special reference to Dafowan at BaodingshanWong, Anita.; 黃燕芳1985363
Abstraction and Modern Chinese ArtClarke, DJ2005128
Accumulating culture: the collections of emperor HuizongHammers, RL2009217
The aesthetic of the sketchClarke, DJ1994106
Against the Grain: The Sculpture of Wang KepingClarke, DJ1997121
The Ambiguity of Women in the Parks of ParisThomas, GM2001131
Anthony Van Dyck's 'The Mystic Marriage of the Blessed Hermann Joseph' and the Sodality of the Bachelors of AntwerpMuir, CD1998122
Art and Ecology in 19th-Century France: The Landscapes of Theodore RousseauThomas, GM2000138
Art and Place: Essays on Art from a Hong Kong PerspectiveClarke, DJ1996112
Art and Religion in 17th Century Antwerp: Van Dyck's Mystic Marriage of the Blessed Hermann-JosephMuir, CD2001134
Art and the history of the body: a review of identity and alterity, the Keynote Show of the 1995 Venice BiennaleClarke, DJ1995135
Art and the Local (published as a Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2001141
Art education: the key to art developmentClarke, DJ1999109
Art gets in trouble with the law in Hong KongClarke, DJ1996104
Art gets in trouble with the law in Hong Kong (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ2001114
Art in a Shifting Frame: Economics, Politics and Visual Culture in Hong KongClarke, DJ1996110
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