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1910s and China's Great War
Annual conference of American Asian Studies
Xu, G2011175
9/11 As Diplomatic Milestone and Turning Point'
Annual Conference of the American Studies Network
US-China Education Trust, Beijing Foreign Studies University.
Roberts, PM2007157
Accounting for the Great Leap Forward Famine: Missing millions, excess deaths, and a crisis of Chinese proportions.
“The evolution of China's land system since 1949.”
. Center for Rural China Governance of Huazhong University.
Vukovich, DF20141
Acquisition of adjunct prepositional phrases in Cantonese as L2Chau, CWA; Matthews, SJ200897
The adaptation of British women’s medicine to Colonial Hong Kong: The cases of R. E. Tottenham and William Nixon
Empire State of Mind: Articulations of British Culture in the Empire, 1707-1997 Conference
Tsang, CCL201164
Adjusting to China, Adjusting to Change: Western and Asian Elites and the Williamsburg Conference, 1971-1981
Annual meeting, Transatlantic Studies Association
Transatlantic Studies Association.
Roberts, PM20142
The Adventurers in an Age of Entrepreneurial Colonialism
Congres de la SIELEC Universite Paul Valery Montpellier
Ha, MOY200893
Advice-giving in antenatal screening for Down Syndrome in Hong Kong
9th Interdisciplinary Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics, COMET 2011
Zayts, O; Schnnurr, S201196
Africans in China: a new territory for area and global studies?
Workshop on Area Studies in the Global Context, Asian Studies Program, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
Bodomo, AB201272
Africans in China: Communication strategies in a multilingual market place
International Workshop: Globalization, Market Places, and Border Crossings, Leuven University, Belgium
Bodomo, AB201272
America, for and against: European faultlines in the Twentieth Century
23rd AAEH Faultlines Conference Program 2013
Roberts, P201338
American Studies in China in International Perspective
China's Changing Views of America: Insights and Obstacles 2009
Roberts, PM2009114
American Studies in China: State of the field and the way forward
6th ASN Annual Meeting 2009
Roberts, P200989
An analysis of topics in Prinmi: In a cross-linguistic perspective
Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS)
The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS).
Ding, PS201346
Analyzing Populist Chinese Nationalism in Two Protect Diaoyutai Movements
Lacan in Context: Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Memory, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 22-24 May.
Szeto, MM2008122
Anglo-Chinese Cooperation and Conflict in Customs Affairs
International History in Hong Kong: The Present and Future
Choi, SH201092
Another enlightenment? The Theosophical Society in Asia, 1879-1919
Conference on Religion & Culture in the Indian Ocean, 1800-Present
Frost, MR2008150
Another look at space
Globalization and Minor Culture Groups International Symposium 2013
Ang, SW201346
Another Sri Lanka? Colombo as cosmopolis, 1870-1920Frost, MR200984
Anti-neoliberalism and the new preservation in Hong Kong
5th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography, EARCAG 2008
Chen, YC; Szeto, MM2008141
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