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1910s and China's Great War
Annual conference of American Asian Studies
Xu, G2011162
9/11 As Diplomatic Milestone and Turning Point'
Annual Conference of the American Studies Network
US-China Education Trust, Beijing Foreign Studies University.
Roberts, PM2007144
Acquisition of adjunct prepositional phrases in Cantonese as L2Chau, CWA; Matthews, SJ200894
The adaptation of British women’s medicine to Colonial Hong Kong: The cases of R. E. Tottenham and William Nixon
Empire State of Mind: Articulations of British Culture in the Empire, 1707-1997 Conference
Tsang, CCL201159
The Adventurers in an Age of Entrepreneurial Colonialism
Congres de la SIELEC Universite Paul Valery Montpellier
Ha, MOY200889
Advice-giving in antenatal screening for Down Syndrome in Hong Kong
9th Interdisciplinary Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics, COMET 2011
Zayts, O; Schnnurr, S201189
Africans in China: a new territory for area and global studies?
Workshop on Area Studies in the Global Context, Asian Studies Program, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
Bodomo, AB201270
Africans in China: Communication strategies in a multilingual market place
International Workshop: Globalization, Market Places, and Border Crossings, Leuven University, Belgium
Bodomo, AB201263
America, for and against: European faultlines in the Twentieth Century
23rd AAEH Faultlines Conference Program 2013
Roberts, P201334
American Studies in China in International Perspective
China's Changing Views of America: Insights and Obstacles 2009
Roberts, PM2009108
American Studies in China: State of the field and the way forward
6th ASN Annual Meeting 2009
Roberts, P200987
An analysis of topics in Prinmi: in cross-linguistic perspective
The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
Ding, PS201334
Analyzing Populist Chinese Nationalism in Two Protect Diaoyutai Movements
Lacan in Context: Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Memory, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 22-24 May.
Szeto, MM2008120
Anglo-Chinese Cooperation and Conflict in Customs Affairs
International History in Hong Kong: The Present and Future
Choi, SH201087
Another enlightenment? The Theosophical Society in Asia, 1879-1919
Conference on Religion & Culture in the Indian Ocean, 1800-Present
Frost, MR2008142
Another look at space
Globalization and Minor Culture Groups International Symposium 2013
Ang, SW201339
Another Sri Lanka? Colombo as cosmopolis, 1870-1920Frost, MR200979
Anti-neoliberalism and the new preservation in Hong Kong
5th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography, EARCAG 2008
Chen, YC; Szeto, MM2008133
Anti-transfer effects in third language acquisition
9th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
Matthews, SJ; Cheung, SC; Tsang, WL20147
'Archbishop Polding's Idea of a University'Cunich, PA200898
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