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X-ray diffraction study of the optimization of MgO growth conditions for magnetic tunnel junctionsO, SY; Lee, CG; Shapiro, AJ; Egelhoff Jr, WF; Vaudin, MD; Ruglovsky, JL; Mallett, J; Pong, PWT200892
YAlO x as inter-poly delectric for improved performance of flash-memory applicationHuang, XD; Lai, PT201079
ZCS bi-directional flyback dc/dc converter using the leakage inductance of the coupled inductorChung, Henry SH; Hui, SYR; Chan, KM; Chung, CT2000179
Zero-configuration identity-based IP network encryptorKwok, SHM; So, HKH; Lam, EY; Lui, KS2010221
Zero-configuration identity-based signcryption scheme for Smart GridSo, HKH; Kwok, SHM; Lam, EY; Lui, KS2010187
A zero-current-switching PWM flyback converter with a simple auxiliary switchChung, HSH; Hui, SY; Wang, WH1999223
Zn-doped Zr oxynitride as charge-trapping layer for flash memory applicationsTao, Q; Lai, PT201322
ZnO nanorod synthesis from Zn-based II-VI semiconductorsChoy, WCH; Guo, CF; Pang, KH; Leung, YP200679
ZnO nanorods grown on ZnSe particles by the chemical vapor deposition methodGuo, C; Choy, WCH; Leung, YP; Cheah, KW; Fang, Y2006436
ZnO nanorods on in-situ synthesized ZnSe grainsChoy, WCH; Guo, CF; Pang, GKH; Leung, YP; Wang, GZ; Cheah, KW2006170
ZnO nanostructures prepared by different methodsLeung, YH; Diurišić, AB; Choy, WCH; Chan, WK; Cheah, KW2004199
ZnSe heterocrystalline junctions based on zinc blende-wurtzite polytypismJin, L; Wang, J; Jia, S; Jiang, Q; Yan, X; Lu, P; Cai, Y; Deng, L; Choy, WCH2010218
ZnSe nanorings and its cathodoluminescenceLeung, YP; Choy, WCH; Markov, I; Ong, HC; Pang, GKH200682
ZnSe Nanorings and their CathodoluminescenceJin, L; Leung, YP; Choy, WCH; Yuk, TTI200694
A ZVS approach for AC/DC converter with PFCPoon, NK; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2003138
β2-adrenergic stimulation attenuates left ventricular remodeling, decreases apoptosis, and improves calcium homeostasis in a rodent model of ischemic cardiomyopathyXydas, S; Kherani, AR; Chang, JS; Klotz, S; Hay, I; Mutrie, CJ; Moss, GW; Gu, A; Schulman, AR; Gao, D; Hu, D; Wu, EX; Wei, C; Oz, MC; Wang, J2006103
以系统论方法诠释中国传统思维: 唯物辩证法Cui, WJ201335
以系统论方法诠释中国传统思维:和谐社会Tsui, WK201337
大电网安全性评估的系统复杂性理论Cao, Y; Guo, J; Mei, S; Hou, Y201099
實時電源壽命監察Pong, MH2009138
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