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Q-factors and designs of CP microstrip antennasChoi, SJ; Lo, YT; Chew, WC198956
QOAG: An efficient queueing policy for input-buffered packet switchesLiu, NH; Yeung, Kwan L200073
A QoE based performance study of mobile peer-to-peer live video streamingFung, KC; Kwok, YK201230
QoS constrained robust MIMO transceiver design under unknown interferenceHe, X; Chen, J; Wu, YC201222
QoS extension to BGPLi, X; Wong Lui, KS; Wang, J; Nahrstedt, K2002625
QoS guaranteed resource block allocation algorithm for LTE systemsGuan, N; Zhou, Y; Tian, L; Sun, G; Shi, J2011134
QoS guaranteed vertical handoff signaling scheme for heterogeneous networksWang, Y; Zhang, Q; Wang, Y; Zhang, P; Li, VOK2005363
QoS Multicast Routing with Heterogeneous ReceiversLui, KS; Wang, J; Xiao, L; Nahrstedt, K2003680
QoS provisioning relay selection in random relay networksCho, S-R; Choi, W; Huang, K201111
Quad-level bit-stream adders and multipliers with efficient FPGA implementationNg, CW; Wong, N; Ng, TS2008229
Quad-level bit-stream signal processing on FPGAsNg, CW; Wong, N; So, HKH; Ng, TS2008266
Quad-tuned Birdcage RF Coil and AccessoryShen, GG200093
Quad-Wavelength Pulse Generation Based on Fiber Optical Parametric Oscillator with Equally Distributed DispersionWANG, X; ZHANG, C; XU, J; WEI, X; Wong, KKY201327
Quadratic alternating direction implicit iteration for the fast solution of algebraic Riccati equationsWong, N; Balakrishnan, V2005312
Quadratic approximation and visitation of online constrct-based available transfer capability region of power systemsTong, X; Wu, FF; Su, J2008662
Quadratic Approximation and Visualization of On-line Contract Based Available Transfer Capacity Region of Power SystemsWu, FF; Tong, X; Su, JF2004106
Quadratic state-space modeling technique for analysis and simulation of power electronic convertersTse, KK; Chung, HSH; Hui, SY1999206
Quadratic state-space modeling technique for analysis and simulation of power electronic convertersTse, KK; Chung, Henry; Hui, SYR1998129
Quadrature modulated filter banksChan, SC199472
Quadrature predistortion using difference-frequency technique forbase-station high-power amplifiersXiao, Mingxiang; 肖明祥2009571
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