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i.LIGHT: A novel communications technology based on visible lightPang, GKH200581
i.LIGHT: Communication Using Visible LightPang, GKH2008101
An IC-less dimmable electronic ballast for fluorescent lampsChan, SSM; Chung, HSH; Hui, SYR2004208
IClass assessment: a pen-based assessment and feedback platformFok, WWT; Chan, CKY201328
Identification of cancer subtypes and subtypes-specific drivers using high-throughput data wih application to medulloblastomaChen, Peikai.; 陈培凯.2012116
Identification of detailed time-frequency components in somatosensory evoked potentialsZhang, Z; Luk, KDK; Hu, Y2010254
Identification of non-Gaussian parametric model with time-varying coefficients using wavelet basisShen, MF; Zhang, YZ; Chan, FHY2003330
Identification of power electronic systemsChau, KT; Tse, CT199594
Identification of Superoxide and Hydroxy1 Radicals EPR Spectra From Complex Spectra Using Blind Source Separation MethodRen, J; Shen, J; Chang, C; Fung, PCW; Chan, FHY2003110
Identification of surface defects in textured materials using wavelet packetsKumar, A; Pang, G2001595
Identifying rodent olfactory bulb structures with micro-DTIZhao, XG; Hui, ES; Chan, KC; Cai, KX; Guo, H; Lai, PT; Wu, EX2008234
IEEE International magnetics ConferenceLi, W; Chau, KT; Gong, YU; Jiang, JZ2009173
IEEE Spectrum MagazineNg, WY; Chan, HF; Pong, PWT2010159
III-nitride Light-emitting Diode with Embedded Photonic CrystalsLI, KH; ZANG, KY; CHUA, SJ; Choi, HW201336
IIR approximation of FIR filters via discrete-time vector fittingWong, N; Lei, CU2008288
IIR notch filtering - comparisons of four adaptive algorithms for frequency estimationNg, TS; Chicharo, JF199593
IIR notch filtering-comparisons of four adaptive algorithms for frequency estimationNg, TS; Chicharo, JF1995209
IIR notch filtering: comparisons of four adaptive algorithms for frequency estimationNg, TS; Chicharo, JF199590
IIR structure for digital tunable frequency response filter, adaptive notch filtering and line enhancersNg, TS; Chicharo, JF1989129
IJDATICS strategic planLei, CU2011100
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