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D-eigenvalues of diffusion kurtosis tensorsQi, L; Wang, Y; Wu, EX2008155
D-LQF: An efficient distributed scheduling algorithm for input-queued switchesHe, C; Yeung, KL2011141
D: a distributed object oriented programming languageLee, Wing-hong.; 李詠康1994354
DAQL-Enabled Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Dynamically Changing EnvironmentNgai, CK; Yung, NHC201165
Data Centric Storage with Diffuse Caching in Sensor NetworksMa, KT; Cheng, KY; Wong Lui, KS; Tam, VWL2007194
Data compression and transmission aspects of panoramic videosNg, KT; Chan, SC; Shum, HY2005624
Data detection for cooperative vehicular communication systems with unknown channelsHe, L; Ma, S; Wu, YC; Ng, TS201097
Data detection for OFDM systems under high mobilityHe, Lanlan.; 何兰兰.2011401
Data driven C--A concurrent programming languageLui, Simon PH; Cheung, YS199172
Data Scheduling Algorithm for Layered P2P VoD Streaming NetworksWEN, Z; Yeung, LK; Lei, ZB201326
Data service in grid-based future control centersZhou, HF; Wu, FF2007121
Data warehousing mobile code designCheung, Chun-lung.; 張振隆2000511
Data-aided fading estimation technique for shadowed mobile satellite fading channelsNg, MH; Cheung, SW2002279
Data-aided maximum likelihood symbol timing estimation in MIMO correlated fading channelsWu, YC; Serpedin, E200472
Datagram routing for low earth orbit satellite networksHu, Yurong.; 胡玉蓉2001391
DC distribution system for data centerJavanshir, Marjan.2007514
DC electrical distribution systems in buildingsPang, H; Edward, LO; Pong, B200683
DC stability analysis of high-order, lowpass ΣΔ modulators with distinct unit circle NTF zerosWong, N; Ng, TS2003536
DCIM-accelerated SMFMA for capacitance extractionJiang, LJ; Chew, WC; Pan, YC200367
Dead space effect in space-charge region of collector of AlGaAs/InGaAs p-n-p heterojunction bipolar transistorsYan, BP; Wang, XQ; Yang, ES2001591
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