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B-spline snakes in two stagesLeung, CC; Chan, CH; Chan, FHY; Tsui, WK2004516
B-value dependence of DTI quantitation and sensitivity in detecting neural tissue changesHui, ES; Cheung, MM; Chan, KC; Wu, EX2010204
B1 Field, SAR and SNR Comparisions for Birdcage, TEM and Microstrip Coils at 7TWang, C; Shen, GG2006100
Back radiation reduction of the folded shorted-patch antenna using finite ground strips with resistive loadsLi, Y; Sun, S; Jiang, L; Yang, P; He, S201279
Balanced steady-state free precession fMRI with intravascular susceptibility contrast agentZhou, IY; Cheung, MM; Lau, C; Chan, KC; Wu, EX2012112
Balanced Steady-State Free Procession (bSSFP) for detecting resting-state networks in rat brain at 7TGao, PP; Chan, RW; Cheng, JS; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX201330
Balanced truncation for time-delay systems via approximate gramiansWang, X; Wang, Q; Zhang, Z; Chen, Q; Wong, N2011141
Balancing image quality and energy consumption in visual sensor networksChow, KY; Lui, KS; Lam, EY20061,124
Ballot technique to analyze unslotted CDMA with fixed packet lengthsYin, Ming; Li, Victor OK198963
Band-limited DS-CDMA using exponentially weighted despreading sequenceHuang, Y; Ng, TS199857
Band-notched characteristic using ground stubs for compact UWB antennasWeng, YF; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TI2010101
Band-notched characteristic using meandered ground stubs for compact UWB antennasWeng, YF; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TI2010106
Band-stop filter effect of multiple slots in mobile phone antennasRowell, C; Lam, EY201219
Bandstructure of Interdiffused InGaN/GaN Quantum WellCheung, EMT; Chan, MCY; Li, EH1998398
Bandwidth improvements using ground slots for compact UWB microstrip-fed antennasLiu, L; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TI2011145
Bandwidth Improvements Using Ground Slots for Compact UWB Microstrip-fed AntennasLiu, L; Cheung, SW; Yuk, TTI201149
Bandwidth partition strategies for minimizing peer-to-peer multi-file distribution timeMeng, Xiang; 孟翔201345
Bandwidth sensitive routing in diffServ networks with heterogeneous bandwidth requirementsWang, J; Xiao, L; Lui, KS; Nahrstedt, K2003707
Bandwidth-efficient pilot symbol aided techniqueNg, MH; Cheung, SW199868
Bandwidth-efficient pilot symbol aided technique for trellis-coded modulation in land mobile satellite fading channelsNg, MH; Cheung, SW199943
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