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A comparative ecological study of insectivorous bats (Hipposideridae, Vespertilionidae and Rhinolophidae) in Hong Kong, with specialreference to dietary seasonalityAdes, Gary William John.1994435
A molecular systematic study of the xylariales (ascomycota)Smith, Gavin James.2003726
A seroprevalence study of lyme disease in Hong KongWong, Ying-chun.; 王應春.1996239
A spatial analysis of the terrestrial biodiversity of Hong KongYip, Yin.; 葉彥.2002491
A world monograph of AnthostomellaLu, Bingsheng.; 路炳聲2000317
An ecological study of fungi associated with the mangrove associate Acanthus ilicifolius L. in Mai Po, Hong KongSadaba, Resurreccion Bito-on.1996613
An empirical study of environmental flow determination in Hong Kong streamsNiu, Qian; 牛倩2009282
Antibacterial activity of some marine planktonic algae in Hong KongLo, Shiu-hong.; 羅兆康.1996273
Bacterial degradation of ortho-dimethyl phthalate ester and adaptationof escherichia coli K12 to carbon-limited growthWang, Yingying.; 王瑩瑩.2004768
Biodiversity and distribution of microfungi on palmsTaylor, Joanne Elizabeth.1997173
Biodiversity and ecology of geothermal springs in the PhilippinesLacap, Donnabella Castillo.2007543
Biodiversity and longitudinal distribution of fungi on submerged wood,with reference to human disturbanceTsui, Kin-ming.; 徐健銘.1999292
Biodiversity of microfungi associated with palms in the tropicsFröhlich, Jane.1997275
Biodiversity of microfungi associated with species of Bambusa and DendrocalamusDalisay, Teresita U.1998278
Biodiversity, ecological and ultrastructural observations of Fungi on wood submerged in tropical streamsHo, Wai-hong.; 何偉康.1998226
Biodiversity, ecology and taxonomy of saprobic fungi on palm frondsYanna.; 鄭遠技2001325
Biological screening and isolation of immunomodulatory compounds from endophytic fungi from Tripterygium wilfordiiDurairajan, Siva Sundara Kumar.2004432
Biology and fishery of the bartail flathead, Platycephalus indicus (Linnaeus, 1758), in the Northern South China SeaHo, Chun-man, Valerie.; 何臻敏.2005357
Birds and figs in Hong KongSo, Ngai-hung, Samson.; 蘇毅雄.1999273
Causes and consequences of the spatial and temporal distribution of encrusting algae on tropical rocky shoresKaehler, Sven.1996209
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