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The earlier spreading of South China Sea Basin due to the Late Mesozoic to Early Cenozoic extension of South China block: Structural styles and chronological evidence from the Dulong-Song Chay metamorphic Dome, Southwest ChinaYan, D; Zhou, M; Wang, Y; Zhao, T2005132
Earliest interactions between Earth's proto-atmosphere and the newly formed crustLi, Y201184
Early colonization of thermal niches in a silica-depositing hot spring in central TibetLau, CY; Aitchison, JC; Pointing, SB2008126
Early cretaceous (pre-Albian) radiolarians from blocks in Ayer Complex melange, eastern Sabah, Malaysia, with comments on their regional tectonic significance and the origins of enveloping melangesAitchison, JC1994154
Early cretaceous radiolarians from the spongtang massif, Ladakh, NW India: Implications for Neo-Tethyan evolutionBaxter, AT; Aitchison, JC; Ali, JR; Zyabrev, SV2010190
The early cretaceous Yangzhaiyu lode gold deposit, north China craton: A link between craton reactivation and gold veiningLi, JW; Li, ZK; Zhou, MF; Chen, L; Bi, SJ; Deng, XD; Qiu, HN; Cohen, B; Selby, D; Zhao, XF2012230
Early Jurassic post-orogenic extension: constraints from Niuxinguo and Shigulonshan plutons.Zhao, Y.J; Yuan, C; Zhou, MF; Yan, D; Long, X; Cai, K2007120
Early Mesozoic extensional structures of the Fangshan Metamorphic Core Complex (Beijing, Northern China) and their subsequent deformationYan, DP; Zhou, MF; Song, HL; Wang, GH; Sun, M2005163
Early Mesozoic unroofing pattern of the Dabie Mountains (China): Constraints from the U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology and Si-in-white mica analysis of synorogenic sediments in the Jianghan BasinWang, Y; Zhao, G; Xia, X; Zhang, Y; Fan, W; Li, C; Bi, X; Li, S2009117
Early onset and origin of 100-kyr cycles in Pleistocene tropical SST recordsLiu, Z; Cleaveland, LC; Herbert, TD200887
Early Ordovician radiolarians from the Lower Port Complex, western Newfoundland, Canada (Abstract)Aitchison, JC; Flood, PG1994103
Early Palaeogene stratigraphy of a cored borehole at Hales, NorfolkKnox, RWO; Morigi, AN; Ali, JR; Hailwood, EA; Hallam, JR1990108
Early Paleozoic radiolarian age constraints on the tectonic evolution of ophiolites in the West Junggar region, Xinjiang Autonomous region, NW ChinaAitchison, JC; Buckman, S; He, W; Zhou, MF199799
Early Paleozoic radiolarian biostratigraphyAitchison, JC; Noble, PJ199780
Early Paleozoic radiolarian biozonationNoble, P; Aitchison, J2000135
Early Paleozoic ridge subduction in the Chinese Altai: Insight from the abrupt change in zircon Hf isotopic compositionsSun, M; Long, XP; Cai, KD; Jiang, YD; Wang, BY; Yuan, C; Zhao, GC; Xiao, WJ; Wu, FY2009395
Early Paleozoic sedimentary record of the Chinese Altai: Implications for its tectonic evolutionLong, X; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Cai, K20082,144
The early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the West Kunlun mountains: New Constraint from the North Küda PlutonYuan, C; zhou, H; Sun, M; Li, J; Hou, Q201220
Early Permian seafloor to continental arc magmatism in the eastern Paleo-Tethys: U-Pb age and Nd-Sr isotope data from the southern Lancangjiang zone, Yunnan, ChinaHennig, D; Lehmann, B; Frei, D; Belyatsky, B; Zhao, XF; Cabral, AR; Zeng, PS; Zhou, MF; Schmidt, K2009195
Early Proterozic mafic dikes in the North China Craton and their tectonic implicationsWang, YJ; Peng, TP; Fan, WM; Zhao, GC; Yu, XB200776
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