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The magic angle phenomenon in tendons: effect of varying the MR echo timePeh, WCG; Chan, JHM1998340
Magnetic resonance imaging of subcutaneous diffuse neurofibromaPeh, WCG; Shek, TWH; Yip, DKH1997271
Magnetic resonance screening of iron status in transfusion-dependent β-thalassaemia patientsOoi, GC; Khong, PL; Chan, GCF; Chan, KN; Chan, KL; Lam, W; Ng, I; Ha, SY200489
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and analysis of MECP2 in Rett syndromeKhong, PL; Lam, CW; Ooi, CGC; Ko, CH; Wong, VCN2002139
Magnetization transfer MRI measurements of cervical spinal cord abnormalities in patients with neuromyelitis opticaKim, M; Chan, A; Mak, H; Chan, Q; Chan, KH2010119
Management of profuse epistaxis in post-irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients: 10-year experience in a tertiary centreHo, WK; Lam, WK; Tsang, RKY; Lui, WM; Lee, R; Ho, WK201342
Management of pseudoaneurysm of internal carotid artery in post-irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patientsTsang, RKY; Lam, WK; Leung, GKK; Lui, WM; Lee, R; Ho, WK201342
Manganese-enhanced MRI detection of neurodegeneration in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic cerebral injuryYang, J; Khong, PL; Wang, Y; Chu, ACY; Ho, SL; Cheung, PT; Wu, EX2008136
Manganese-enhanced MRI of severe hypoxic-ischemic injuries in neonatal rat model.Yang, J; Ma, D; Wang, Y; Khong, PL; Wu, EX2007102
Mapping radiation dose distribution on the Fractional Anisotropy Map: application in the assessment of treatment-induced white matter injuryQiu, D; Leung, L; Kwong, DLW; Chan, GLH; Cao, G; Khong, PL2006112
Mapping radiation dose distribution on the fractional anisotropy map: Applications in the assessment of treatment-induced white matter injuryQiu, D; Leung, LHT; Kwong, DLW; Chan, GCF; Khong, PL200664
Mature teratomas of the adrenal gland in the young patientKhong, PL; Lam, KY; Ooi, CGC; Lau, MJ; Metreweli, C200159
Mature teratomas of the adrenal gland in the young patientKhong, PL; Ooi, CGC; Lam, KY; Liu, MJ; Metreweli, C200157
Mature teratomas of the adrenal gland: Imaging featuresKhong, PL; Lam, KY; Ooi, CGC; Liu, MJ; Metreweli, C2002168
Measurement of common carotid artery lumen dynamics during the cardiac cycle using magnetic resonance TrueFISP cine imagingChow, TY; Cheung, JS; Wu, Y; Guo, H; Chan, KC; Hui, ES; Wu, EX2008363
Measurement of metabolites longitudinal (T1) and transverse (T2) values for absolute quantification of 1H-MRS in aging brain at 3-TeslaChiu, PW; Chan, Q; Mak, HKF201257
Megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with cysts without MLC1 defect two phenotypesVan Der Knaap, MS; Lai, V; Köhler, W; Salih, MA; Fonseca, MJ; Benke, TA; Wilson, C; Jayakar, P; Aine, MR; Dom, L; Lynch, B; Kálmánchey, R; Pietsch, P; Errami, A; Scheper, GC2010142
Metabolic activity measured by F-18 FDG PET in natural killer-cell lymphoma compared to aggressive B-and T-cell lymphomasChan, WKS; Au, WY; Wong, CYO; Liang, R; Leung, AYH; Kwong, YL; Khong, PL2010670
Metabolic imaging in cervical carcinomaLee, EYP201220
Metallic stenting of the biliary tree following liver transplant hepatic artery thrombosis in an infantKhong, PL; Sreeram, N; John, PR199789
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