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Patient satisfaction, and behaviours of dental service consumers and providers under two fee-paying systemsYeung, Chak-yan, Yvette Jasmine.; 揚澤茵.2001168
Performance of a new magnet attachment with "stress-directing" mechanism for overdenture applicationWong, Hoi-Yan, Helena.; 黃凱欣.2003207
Periodontal risk spider-web periodontal assessment in Hong Kong ChineseChan, Chi-chun.; 陳之駿.2006485
Phylogenetic aspects of oral bacterial microbiomeParahitiyawa, Nipuna Bandara.2009280
Physical and mechanical properties of some resin-based restorative materials after immersion in two different mediaHuang, Cui.; 黃翠2001160
Physical aspects of complete denture retentionMurray, Michael Dominic.1989176
Planning an elderly dental programme in a public housing estateYu, Sek-ho, Felix.; 余錫豪.1993142
Poly(methylmethacrylate) dentures reinforced with highly drawn polyethylene fibres: dimensional changesduring processing and in serviceHo Chung-fong, Jonathan.; 何中芳1998435
Predominant cultivable putative pathogens in Chinese adults with and without periodontal diseasesLee, Dae-hyun.; 李大炫20031,273
Preparation of curved root canals with different nickel-titanium rotary systems: three-dimensional comparisonusing micro-computed tomographyChiu, Mei-ling, Bonnie.; 趙美玲.2003294
Prevalence and characteristics of developmental defects of dental enamel in Hong KongKing, Nigel Martyn.1990161
Prevalence of postoperative infection after orthognathic surgerySingh, Baldev2001177
Prevention and arrest of root surface caries in Chinese elders living in residential homesTan, Haiping.; 譚海平.2006245
Prevention of early childhood caries through training in parental toothbrushing and fluoride varnish applicationJiang, Ming; 姜鸣201315
Profile changes of putative periodontal pathogens after non-surgical periodontal treatmentMak, Yun-lok, Raymond.; 麥潤樂.2002268
Profiles of cytokines and inflammatory mediators: implications in periodontal assessmentLoo, Tjing Yung.; 魯慶榮.2011352
Provision of outreach dental service and caries risk assessment to preschool children in Hong KongWu, Di; 吴迪2011290
Psychological perspectives of periodontal diseaseNg, Kwai-sang, Sam.; 吳桂生.2005216
Quantification of microleakage of a resin-based root canal filling materialKo, Hiu-wan, Cora.; 高曉韻.2006222
Recombinant adeno-associated virus mediated vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy induces mandibular condylar growthDai, Juan.; 戴娟.2007207
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