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Neovascularization in the condyle during mandibular forward positioningLeung, Yuen-chong, Fiona.; 梁苑莊2002271
Neovascularization in the glenoid fossa during forward mandibular positioningShum, Mei-yan, Lily.; 岑美恩2002234
Neurosensory disturbances and recovery of the inferior alveolar nerve following mandibular osteotomiesYu, Ngok-fung.; 余岳鋒.1995233
Oral and prosthetic findings of cobalt-chromium removable partial denture wearers: a five-year surveyYeung, Lai-ping, Agnes.; 楊麗萍1996177
Oral biology of human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals in Hong KongTsang, Chiu-shun, Peter.; 曾昭舜1997232
Oral health and quality of life after intensity-modulated head and neck radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinomaPow, Ho-nang, Edmond.; 鮑浩能.2006101
Oral health care for Chinese adults with special needsRong, Wensheng.; 榮文笙2004485
Oral health knowledge of caregivers and parents of mentally impaired and physically disabled pre-school children in Hong KongShaboodien, Shabier Ibrahim.1998226
Oral health of and provision of dental care service to kindergarten children in Hong KongLoo, Kwok-ying.; 魯國英.2012169
Oral health related quality of life, dental status and expectation of Hong Kong elderlyLiu, Kwong-shing; 廖廣承.2001183
Oral health status and attitudes of visually impaired children and adolescents in Hong KongVarghese, Bobby John.2000333
Oral health status and quality of life of children and adolescents with severe hypodontiaWong, Tak-ying, Anita.; 黃德瑩.2003164
Oral health status of 13 and 15 year-old secondary school children in Hong KongKwan, Elizabeth Lim.; 關林惠英.1992195
Oral health status, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of adults in Guangdong, ChinaLin, Huancai.; 林煥彩1999306
Oral health-related quality of life after strokeZhu, Haiwei; 竺海瑋2006249
Orofacial pain and its functional and psychosocial impact: a community-based study in Hong KongZheng, Jun; 郑军2008232
Patient satisfaction, and behaviours of dental service consumers and providers under two fee-paying systemsYeung, Chak-yan, Yvette Jasmine.; 揚澤茵.2001168
Performance of a new magnet attachment with "stress-directing" mechanism for overdenture applicationWong, Hoi-Yan, Helena.; 黃凱欣.2003207
Periodontal risk spider-web periodontal assessment in Hong Kong ChineseChan, Chi-chun.; 陳之駿.2006485
Phylogenetic aspects of oral bacterial microbiomeParahitiyawa, Nipuna Bandara.2009280
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