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A comparison between donor site morbidities of free fibula and deep circumflex iliac artery flapLing, Xiao Feng.; 林霄峰.2011148
A prospective study of changes in psychosocial characteristics of patients with dentofacial deformities after corrective surgerySuen, Ka-shing.; 孫嘉誠.201327
A systematic review of post extractional alveolar hard and soft tissuedimensional changes: comparison of animal andhuman studiesTan, Wah Lay.; 陳華麗.2012201
A systematic review of post-extractional alveolar hard and soft tissuedimensional changes in humans: comparison ofstudies with non-fixed or fixed reference pointsTan, Wah Lay.; 陳華麗.2011123
A systematic review on survival and success rates of implants placed immediately into fresh extraction sockets after at least one yearLau, Ka-yee.; 劉嘉儀.2011270
Alveolar distraction osteogenesis for dental implant rehabilitation inreconstructed jawsHariri, Firdaus.2010446
Bioactive glasses in cranio-maxillofacial and oral surgeryVijayakumar, Charanya.2012106
Biomaterials for orbital floor blow-out fractures: a systematic reviewGunarajah, Dharmindra Rajah.2010228
Bonding of dental alloys to enamelHung, Cheung-sing, Tony.; 孔祥陞2008309
Bone anchorage for orthodontic tooth movementTsui, Wai-kin.; 徐偉堅.2010256
Clinical case reportsChiu, Mei-ling, Bonnie; 趙美玲2010277
Clinical case reportsMahindre, Prajakta Prakash2010195
Clinical outcomes of transpalatal distraction for transverse maxillaryhypoplasia: a retrospective studyLee, Chee-wei.; 李志維.201347
Effect of systemic antibiotics on clinical and patient-centered outcomes of implant therapy: preliminary dataanalysisTsang, Wing-keung, Boyd.; 曾永強.2011168
Effectiveness of different interdental brushes to cleaning the interproximal areas: a randomized controlled,double-blind cross-over studyChongcharoen, Nardnadda.2011266
Facial alveolar bone wall width: a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) study in AsiansZekry, Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Abdin.2012274
Five year survival and complication rates of dental implants in Type II diabetes patients: a systematic reviewAlnasser, Anwar Salman M.2011191
Functional outcome of mandibular reconstruction with microvascular free flaps: systematic reviewLopes, Valentina.2010198
Functional outcomes after myocutaneous free flap and osteocutaneous free flap for maxillary reconstruction: across sectional comparisonLoo, Sun Din.; 羅山定.2012134
Functional outcomes and long term complications following distraction osteogenesis of the maxilla and mandible: asystematic reviewMah, Michelle Clare.201328
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