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Net-widening: an evaluation of sentencing andcautioning practices for youth offendersTang, Pak-shing, Philip.; 鄧柏成.1996251
Police discretion: application of deadly forceChan, Lok-wing.; 陳樂榮.1996470
Reasonable suspicion: a police perspectiveLeung, Po-tak.; 梁寶德.1994282
Relationship of psychotic symptoms to sex offending: a retrospective study of sex offenders with mentaldisordersTing, Sik-chuen, Dick.; 丁錫全2008340
Risk factors: an introduction to the sociopsychological analysis of drug useNg, Yik-ying, Katherine.; 吳奕瑩.2007304
Self image and public image of the police in ChinaLo, Yue-ching, Eugenia.; 羅宇正.2010397
Sexual harassment: prevalence and attitudes on a university campusChan, Mei-yi.; 陳美儀.1996374
Sexual violence against women in Hong Kong: socio-structural & cultural perspectiveLee, Pik-kuen, Anne.; 李碧娟.1994395
Shoplifters in Hong Kong: a mixed methods analysis of their characteristics in probation settingLam, Ka-kui, Ringo.; 林家駒.2006248
Shoplifting and social inequalitiesLai, Kwok-hung.; 黎國雄.1994256
Situational crime prevention and residential burglary: a study in the New Territories (North) region in HongKongYuen, Chi-kin, Luke.; 阮子健.1996456
Social influences of juvenile sexual offending in Hong KongHo, Wing-keung.; 何永強.1996264
Society and policing in Hong Kong: a study ofthe 1956 riotLee, Hong-nee, Connie.; 李康妮.1995628
Special rituals and their significance in the Royal Hong Kong Police ForceAu, Chin-chau, Joseph.; 區展秋1994255
Stress in the Royal Hong Kong Police ForceTynan, Patrick Terence.; 戴能.1997525
Tackling fraudulent activities in the Hong Kong stock marketChu, Chi-chiu, Alaric.; 朱子昭.2004696
The bill of rights: a burden to effective crime controlSiu, Kit-hung, Tony.; 蕭傑雄.1994183
The Hong Kong police superintendent's discretionary scheme: a chance or an indulgence for young people?Tang, Leung-shun, Gary.; 鄧良順.1996924
The judges' attitudes towards mentally disordered offenders in Hong KongTsang, Siu-keung, Kent.; 曾肇強.2002319
The second government: images of triads in Hong KongCheung, Ching, Jocelyn.; 張靜.1995298
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