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Development of law against homosexual conduct: case study on Leung TC William RoyLeung, Chun-kwong.; 梁鎮罡.2006585
Dragons and chicken wings: the anomalies of the involvement of Vietnamese refugees in crime in Hong Kong, 1989-1995Hunt, Peter Geoffrey.1996219
Elderly victimization: paradox of fearChiu, Ka-cheung.; 招嘉章.1996355
Environmental regulation and crime: the case of pollution in Hong KongWong, May-tak, Glady.; 王美德.1994283
Ethics in the production of Hong Kong moviesLau, Tsz-wan, Christal; 劉芷韻2007336
Exploration of the People's Republic of China's tolerance of the policy of freedom of religious beliefLo, Yuet-wah, Isabella.; 盧月華1996189
Gender bias in policingLeung, Hang-san, Steven.; 梁恆新2002257
Hong Kong gangs: do they have an irrational violent subculture?Luk, Wai-kwok.; 陸偉國2002395
How school social workers define the problem and their roles in managing the problem: pupils' involvement intriad activitiesLeung, Chun-ping, Tony.; 梁振萍.1994335
How the staff exercise discretionary decisions in handling residents' behavioural problems in a boys' hostelChan, Ho-yung, Dennis; 陳可勇1996252
Leaving the triad society in Hong KongNg, Chun-lim.; 伍俊廉.2007804
Media reporting of triad crime in Hong Kong Chinese newspapers from 1970 to 2007Cheng, Kin-fai, Jerry.; 鄭健輝.2007349
Money laundering and counter-money laundering in Hong KongLai, Miu-suet, Carol; 黎妙雪2007369
Net-widening: an evaluation of sentencing andcautioning practices for youth offendersTang, Pak-shing, Philip.; 鄧柏成.1996249
Police discretion: application of deadly forceChan, Lok-wing.; 陳樂榮.1996469
Reasonable suspicion: a police perspectiveLeung, Po-tak.; 梁寶德.1994279
Relationship of psychotic symptoms to sex offending: a retrospective study of sex offenders with mentaldisordersTing, Sik-chuen, Dick.; 丁錫全2008339
Risk factors: an introduction to the sociopsychological analysis of drug useNg, Yik-ying, Katherine.; 吳奕瑩.2007304
Self image and public image of the police in ChinaLo, Yue-ching, Eugenia.; 羅宇正.2010396
Sexual harassment: prevalence and attitudes on a university campusChan, Mei-yi.; 陳美儀.1996373
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