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A case study of corporate crime control in Hong Kong: toys and children's products safety controlKwan, Yee-wan, Elsa.; 關綺雲.1994545
A historical and cultural perspective of law and punishment in IndiaSoman, Aruna Vijay.2006345
A historical review of smuggling in Hong KongLai, Ding-kee, Stanislaus.; 黎定基.1995362
A history of terrorism in Southeast Asia since 1975Greenwood, Damian Michael.2007456
A history of the medical profession in Hong Kong's criminal justice systemHamilton, Sheilah Elizabeth.1994234
A review of juvenile corrections in China and Hong KongCheung, Shu-kan, Kenny.; 張樹根.1994344
A self-report study of juvenile crime in Hong KongMan, Chi-hung.; 文志雄.19961,422
A study of corporate crime control on the supply of unsafe toys and children's products in Hong KongWong, Kwai-shim.; 黃桂嬋.1996293
A study of rapes of girls under the age of 13 years in Hong Kong 1989-1992Khan, Jawaid.1994255
A study of the lifestyle of drug abusers with a history of crime convictionsChan, Fu-sai.; 陳孚西.1997338
A study of white-collar crime: the circumvention of the textiles export control system of Hong KongLee, Wai-tak.; 李偉德.1996331
An assessment of the "personal encounter with prisoners' programme" ofCSDSy, Mei-lee, Janet.; 薛美莉.1996313
An evaluation of adventure based counselling (ABC) programme in Hong Kong correctional institutionChan, Wing-ching, Ricky.; 陳永楨2008385
An examination of domestic disputes and the police response in Hong KongFung, Mei-shan, Fiona.; 馮美珊.1994201
An examination of mentally retarded offenders in the Hong Kong criminal justice systemSo, Ka-man.; 蘇家雯.1994265
An exploratory study of the myth and reality of male homosexual in Hong KongSo, Ming-po, Simon.; 蘇明波.1996591
An exploratory study of the sexual harassment experience in Hong KongTsik, Chung-hong, Joseph.; 植頌匡.1996405
An exploratory study on the factors to facilitate the victims for leaving domestic violenceWong, Siu-wai; 黃小慧2004363
Anti-corruption strategies in the greater China RegionTsoi, Wai-shuen, Wayne.; 蔡威旋2002410
Attitudes of Hong Kong legislators towards crime and punishment: an exploratory study on the post-releasesupervision of prisoners ordinanceChan, Kam-wa; 陳錦華1996334
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