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3D model reconstruction from silhouettesLiang, Chen; 梁晨20083,702
3D shape recovery under multiple viewpoints and single viewpointChen, Zhihu; 陈志湖20122,944
A component-based software system with functionality adaptation for mobile computingBelaramani, Nalini Moti.2002468
A computer visualization system for multiple submerged buoyant jets from ocean outfallsCheung, King-bong, Sebastian.; 張敬邦.2000248
A concise framework of natural language processingCheung, Siu-nang, Bruce.; 張少能1989241
A distributed object model for solving irregularly structured problemson distributed systemsSun, Yudong.; 孫昱東2001242
A distributed proxy system for functionality adaptation in pervasive computing environmentsKwan, Wai-man, Vivien Joanna.; 關慧敏.2002202
A dynamic integrity verification scheme for tamper-resistancesoftwareWoo, Yan.; 胡昕.2005314
A fast probabilistic method for vehicle detection and tracking with anexplicit contour modelYiu, Wai-sing, Boris.; 姚維勝.2005597
A filter-based protocol for continuous queries over imprecise locationdataJin, Yifan; 金一帆201287
A formal specification-based approach to object-oriented software testing at the class levelXu, Zhinong.; 徐志農1997348
A hierarchical approach to the automatic identification of Putonghua unvoiced consonants in isolated syllablesYeung, Dit-yan; 楊瓞仁1985140
A language model for mandarin ChineseLaw, Hin-cheung, Hubert.; 羅憲璋1997439
A light-weight mobile code system for pervasive computingChow, Yuk.; 周彧2002214
A Markov random field approach for multi-view normal integrationDai, Zhenwen; 戴振文2009258
A mechanism for mapping processes onto transputer networksShea, Kai-ming.; 佘啓明1990194
A multi-agent based approach to transmission cost allocationYan, Yonghe.; 嚴勇河.2000247
A novel approach to deadlock prevention in store-and-forward networksLau, Siu-wah.; 劉少華1991217
A novel framework for binning environmental genomic fragmentsYang, Bin; 杨彬2010210
A novel shape representation on GPU for real-time renderingChan, Bin; 陳斌200675
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