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RAID-M: A high performance RAID Matrix mass storageLiu, P; Li, S; Lau, FCM; Shi, Y; Huang, F200589
Railway track possessing assigning using constraint satisfactionCheung, SN; Chow, KP; Yong, MK199699
Railway track possession assignment using constraint satisfactionCheung, BSN; Chow, KP; Hui, LCK; Yong, AMK1999162
Railway Track Possession Assignment Using Contraint SatisfactionCheung, BSN; Chow, KP; Yong, MK1996108
A random-surfer web-graph modelBlum, A; Chan, THH; Rwebangira, MR2006160
A randomized algorithm for finding maximum with O((log n)2) polynomial testsTing, HF; Yao, AC1994101
Randomized competitive algorithms for successful and unsuccessful searchHui, LCK; Martel, CU199670
Randomly generating triangulations of a simple polygonDing, Q; Qian, J; Tsang, W; Wang, C2005174
Range search on multidimensional uncertain dataTao, Y; Xiao, X; Cheng, R200785
Ranking spatial data by quality preferencesYiu, ML; Lu, H; Mamoulis, N; Vaitis, M2011173
Rate estimation for H.264/AVC spatial resolution reductionWong, PHW; Hung, RTW; Lee, JYB; Liew, SC; Kim, CS; Chin, RT2004230
Rational quadratic parameterizations of quadricsWang, W; Joe, B; Goldman, R1997109
Real time human body tracking using wavenetWong, SF; Wong, KKY2004110
Real-time data driven deformation using kernel canonical correlation analysisFeng, WW; Kim, BU; Yu, Y2008102
Real-time data driven deformation using kernel canonical correlation analysisFeng, WW; Kim, BU; Yu, Y200876
Real-time data driven deformation with affine bonesKim, BU; Feng, WW; Yu, Y2010104
Real-time large scale near-duplicate web video retrievalShang, L; Yang, L; Wang, F; Chan, KP; Hua, XS2010147
Real-time line-based ow visualiza- tionYang, HP; Wang, WP; Sun, JG2003157
Real-time multi-perspective rendering on graphics hardwareHou, X; Wei, LY; Shum, HY; Guo, B2006189
Real-time multiple head shape detection and tracking system with decentralized trackersYuk, JSC; Wong, KYK; Chung, RHY; Chin, FYL; Chow, KP2006274
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