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The Haar+ Tree: A refined synopsis data structureKarras, P; Mamoulis, N2007114
Hamiltonicity of regular graphs and blocks of consecutive ones in symmetric matricesWang, R; Lau, FCM; Zhao, Y2007137
Hand-printed Chinese character recognition and image preprocessingChee, Ping-chong.; 遲秉壯1996634
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by first and second order Hidden Markov Models and radical modelingWong, Ho-ting.; 黃浩霆.2003675
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by hidden Markov models andradical partitionWong, Chi-hung; 黃志雄1998374
Handling signature purposes in workflow systemsLeung, KRPH; Hui, LCK2001119
Handoff performance comparison of Mobile IP, Fast Handoff and mSCTP in mobile wireless networksTsang, KCK; Wang, CL; Lau, FCM2008104
Handwritten Chinese character recognition by guided stroke extraction and hidden marker modelsWong, CH; Chan, KP1996104
Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition by Guided Stroke Extraction and Hidden Markov ModelsWong, CH; Chan, KP199685
Handwritten Chinese character recognition using spatial Gabor filters and self-organizing feature mapsDeng, D; Chan, KP; Yu, YL1994480
Hard disk integrity check by hashing with combinatorial group testingFang, J; Jiang, ZL; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK2009151
HARP: a practical projected clustering algorithm for mining gene expression dataYip, Yuk-Lap, Kevin.; 葉旭立.2003480
Head model acquisition from silhouettesWong, KKY; Mendonca, PRS; Cipolla, R200181
Heap graph based software theft detectionChan, PCK; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM201377
A Heuristic Approach for Investigating the P2P Foxy NetworkIeong, SCR; Lai, KY; Chow, KP; Law, YW; Kwan, YK; Tse, WHK2009144
Hierarchical and wavelet-based multilinear models for multi-dimensional visual data approximationYu, Y200949
Hierarchical constraint satisfaction in spatial databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Kalnis, Panos; Mamoulis, Nikos199981
Hierarchical motion estimation based on visual patterns for video codingZhong, Sheng; Chin, Francis; Cheung, YS; Kwan, Doug1996365
Hierarchical synopses with optimal error guaranteesKarras, P; Mamoulis, N2008255
Hierarchical tensor approximation of multidimensional imagesWu, Q; Xia, T; Yu, Y200671
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