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1-bounded space algorithms for 2-dimensional bin packingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y2009241
A 1-local 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsChin, FYL; Zhang, Y; Zhu, H20071,124
A 1-local asymptotic 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsZhang, Y; Chin, FYL; Zhu, H20091,261
1-Space Bounded Algorithms for 2-Dimensional Bin PackingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y20091,080
1D camera geometry and Its application to circular motion estimationZhang, G; Zhang, H; Wong, KKY2006161
1D camera geometry and its application to the self-calibration of circular motion sequencesWong, KYK; Zhang, G; Liang, C; Zhang, H2008147
2009 9th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, CCGRID 2009: Message from the Program Co-ChairsCappello, F; Wang, CL200991
3-D characterization of facial deformities and prediction of facial soft and hard tissue response to orthognathic surgeryCheung, L; Jayaratne, YSN; Zwahlen, R; Lo, J; Chua, H; Choi, YK2010176
A 3D face reconstruction approach in enhancing the robustness and accuracy of face recognitionHe, X; Yuk, SC; Chow, KP; Wong, KKY; Chung, HY2009149
3D model reconstruction from silhouettesLiang, Chen; 梁晨20085,011
3D reconstruction using silhouettes from unordered viewpointsLiang, C; Wong, KYK2010220
3D shape recovery under multiple viewpoints and single viewpointChen, Zhihu; 陈志湖20124,255
The 64-bit universal RNGMarsaglia, G; Tsang, WW2004132
A component-based software system with functionality adaptation for mobile computingBelaramani, Nalini Moti.2002469
A computer visualization system for multiple submerged buoyant jets from ocean outfallsCheung, King-bong, Sebastian.; 張敬邦.2000250
A concise framework of natural language processingCheung, Siu-nang, Bruce.; 張少能1989241
A distributed object model for solving irregularly structured problemson distributed systemsSun, Yudong.; 孫昱東2001242
A distributed proxy system for functionality adaptation in pervasive computing environmentsKwan, Wai-man, Vivien Joanna.; 關慧敏.2002202
A dynamic integrity verification scheme for tamper-resistancesoftwareWoo, Yan.; 胡昕.2005315
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