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A comprehensive analysis of terrestrial hydrological processes over the Pearl River basin in South ChinaNiu, Jun; 牛俊2010394
A computer aided design approach for evaluation of consolidation with vertical drains in soft claysCheng, Fung-kiu, Patty.; 鄭鳳嬌1995225
A continuum modeling approach to traffic equilibrium problemsHo, Hung-wai.; 何鴻威.2005250
A continuum modeling approach to transport emission problemsYin, Jun; 尹俊2011231
A cost-based model for optimising the construction logisticsschedulesFang, Yuan; 方媛2011189
A daily forecasting system of marine beach water quality in Hong KongThoe, Wai.; 陶煒.2010275
A diagenetic two-layer eutrophication model for Tolo Harbour, Hong KongFeleke, Arega Woldemariam.2000193
A distribution procedure for the dynamic analysis of multistorey building framesChu, Sau-kong.; 朱肇光1967273
A dynamic analysis of floor systemsYing, Kong-tong, Michael.; 應港東1967291
A dynamic schedule-based model for congested transit networksPoon, Ming-ho.; 潘明浩2001293
A fuzzy genetic algorithms (GAs) model for time-cost optimization in constructionZheng, Xinmin.; 鄭新敏.2003595
A holistic model of the preparation and use of construction specifications and their effects on project performanceLam, Tsun-ip, Patrick.; 林俊業2005307
A membrane bioreactor (MBR) for a biological nutrient removal system: treatment performance, membrane foulingmechanism and its mitigation strategySun, Feiyun.; 孙飞云.2010458
A membrane bioreactor(MBR) for an innovative biological nitrogen removal processChen, Wen; 陳雯2007404
A modified flat dilatometer for field measurement of non-linear soil behaviour at small strainsChiu, Chung-fai.; 趙仲輝1996233
A multi-objective decision support system for determining an appropriate PPP schemeXie, Jingzhu.; 谢晶珠.2010291
A multi-objective optimization model for green building designWu, Hao; 吴昊2012223
A network equilibrium approach for modeling urban taxi servicesWong, Ka-io.; 黃家耀2002275
A new methodology for calibrating the Lowry modelWong, Chi-kwong.; 黃志光.1998253
A reliability-based land use and transportation optimization modelYim, Ka-wing.; 嚴家榮.2005478
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