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Metro development in China's mega-cities: a case study of GuangzhouNg, Wai-yu.; 吳慧茹.2006351
Multinational corporations in China: analysisof a strategic business modelChan, Miu-sze.; 陳妙施.2006470
The nature of IFC studies and Hong Kong endeavors: studies for global IFC development and their shifting trendZhao, SX2011130
Population mobility in the era of globalization: the case of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen cross-border region, 1997-2007Lim, Kweehua, Stephanie.; 林桂華.2009242
Regional economic development and the establishment of the rural financial system: a case study of ruralcredit cooperations in the Pearl River DeltaLuo, Yi, Louis; 羅毅2006190
Rural-to-urban migration and economic restructuring in China, 1982-2000: a case study of Guangdong provinceZhang, Shu, Cecilia.; 張姝.2006241
Socio-economic and cultural impacts of recent Chinese immigration in African cities: a case study of CameroonDidier, Emilie Marie Claude.2009322
Spatial modeling of dynamic changes of foreign direct investment in ChinaChung, Kam-tsang.; 鍾金增.2006198
Surface water quality indicators in China and their implications for sustainabilityKwong, Pui-ki.; 鄺沛琪.2006241
The 2008 Olympic games and the development of BeijingHo, Kwan-yu.; 何君瑜.2005179
The changing trends and patterns of foreign direct investment inChinaWong, Wai-sze, Agnes.; 黃慧思.2005332
The Chinese model of urban land and housing developmentsYau, Yuk-ha, Selina.; 游玉霞.2010279
The development of the information and communications technology (ICT)industry in China, 1995-2005Tam, Sze-ying.; 譚思映.2006276
The dynamics of rural-urban migration and industrial transformation inChina's metropolises: the case of Shenzhen,1979-2008Ye, Lezhou.; 叶乐周.2010242
The growth of second-tier airlines in ChinaLeong, Shing-tak, Philip.; 梁成德.2005369
The impact of Hong Kong Disneyland on the sustainable development of Hong Kong's tourism industryHo, Chun-on.; 何振安.20061,260
The missing watchdog: corruption, governance,and supervisory role for Chinese civil society?Vaughan-Albert, Megan Kate.2011218
The path to harmony: the roles of rural reforms in achieving social harmony in ChinaWong, Yee-wah.; 黃綺華.2009213
Transmigration of Hong Kongers to Canada, 1990-2004Lam, Siu-wing, Cynthia.; 林兆泳.2006211
Understanding the social security system for aging population inChina: a case study of BeijingMan, Huen-pok.; 文萱博.2011304
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