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2, 2-disubstituted-1, 4-diketones, and their conversion to pyrrole derivativesMaini, Prem Nath.19844,995
A biochemical and proteomic view of nickel homeostasis and bismuth treatment: identification of bismuth-targetedproteins in Helicobacter pylori and characterization of a nickel-storage protein hpnGe, Ruiguang.; 葛瑞光.2006583
A chemical survey of the medicinal plants of Hong Kong alkaloids: occurrence and isolationCheung, Hee-tai.; 張熹泰.1959468
A general study of some cobalt (III) complexesLau, Oi-wah.; 柳愛華1969217
A general synthetic route to Yuehchukene analogues via 7alpha-methoxycarbonyl-9-methyl-6-oxo-5,6,6abeta,7betaB,8,10aB-hexahydroindeno [2,1-b] indole, and related studies on 1-methoxyindoleWong, Tze-tat, Edward.; 黃子達1992257
A new dihydroxy-triterpene and other triterpenoids from Hong Kong plantsLee, Wai-kee.; 李偉琪.1970222
A new triterpene ketol, glochidonol, and other triterpenoids from HongKong species of EuphorbiaceaeFung, Man-leung.; 馮文亮1969290
A study of stereo-electronic factors in the addition of dimethyl acetylene dicarboxylate to substituted 1H- and 3H-indolesWai, Sui-man, John.; 衛小文1984201
A study of the 13C-NMR properties of some fatty acid derivatives and their triacylglycerolsCheng, Ka-leung.; 鄭家樑1996196
A study of the chemical and physical properties of epoxidized and hydrated conjugated linoleic acidLam, Ngor-wai.; 林我威.2002546
A study of the synthesis and properties of some long chain fatty acid esters containing azido, amino, amido and amino acid residues and theanalysis of some seed oils used in Chinese medicineLao, Hongbai.; 老洪柏1989557
A study of the synthesis and properties of some oxiranyl and thiirangllong chain fatty acid esters and the production of furanyl derivativesfrom the seed oil of biota orientalisZheng, Yi-Feng.; 鄭一楓1988547
A study on novel organic semiconductor devices: light-emitting diode and thin-film transistorCheng, Kam-ho.; 鄭錦豪.2009301
A synthetic approach to Yuehchukene analoguesChan, Tin-yau.; 覃天佑1987221
A synthetic approach to Yuehchukene analogues via alpha beta-unsaturated-2-acylindolesChan, Kwok-pong.; 陳國邦1990233
A systematic study of heterocyclic keto-enol tautomerism and the observation of mechanistic change in the hydrolysis of someheterocyclic vinyl ethersKwok, Fu-chiu.; 郭富超1987456
Ab initio relativistic-consistent calculations and charge density and experimental mass-spectroscopic analysis of mono and poly-nuclearclusters of group 11 and 12 transition metals and metal chlorides: ySeyedabdolreza Sadjadi.Sadjadi, Seyedabdolreza.2013101
Accelerated decomposition of peroxynitrite by Ketones and AldehydesTang, Yeung-chiu, Dennis.; 鄧陽招1999453
Addition reactions of 3H-indoles and their N-oxidesSin, Wai-mei, Della.; 單慧媚1992285
Addition reactions of some substituted indoles with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate and methyl propiolateChoi, Chi-keung, Michael.; 蔡志強1983567
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