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Wandering ideal point models for single or multi-attribute ranking data: a Bayesian approachLeung, Hiu-lan.; 梁曉蘭.2003665
Weighted bootstrap prepivotingLee, SMS; Young, GA200197
Weighted empirical likelihood for generalized linear models with longitudinal dataBai, Y; Fung, WK; Zhu, Z2010235
Weighted sums of subexponential random variables and their maximaChen, Y; Ng, KW; Tang, Q2005116
Western mental health training for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitionersLam, TP; Mak, KY; Goldberg, D; Lam, KF; Sun, KS2012144
What are the non-biomedical reasons which make family doctors over-prescribe antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection in a mixed private/public Asian setting?Lam, TP; Lam, KF2003185
What do primary care doctors get out of a year-long postgraduate course in community psychological medicineLam, TP; Goldberg, D; Tse, EYY; Lam, KF; Mak, KY; Lam, EWW201187
What Hong Kong doctors do when they are ill: a descriptive studyChen, JY; Tse, EYY; Lam, TP; Li, DKT; Chao, DVK; Kwan, CW200782
Who choose to stay in community?Lou, VW; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Kwan, CW; Chi, I; Leung, E2008131
Why do family doctors prescribe antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection?Lam, TP; Lam, KF2003145
Widmark factors for local Chinese in Hong Kong: A statistical determination on the effects of various physiological factorsTam, TWM; Yang, CT; Fung, WK; Mok, VKK2005126
With a randomized dividend strategy in the compound binomial risk processes with delayed claims (presented by Kam Pui Wat, PhD student)Li, J; Li, WK; Wat, KP; Yuen, KC2011210
Worst allocations of policy limits and deductiblesHua, L; Cheung, KC200863
Worth adapting? Revisiting the usefulness of outcome-adaptive randomizationLee, JJ; Chen, N; Yin, G201273
Youth Suicides in Hong KongYip, PSF; Ho, TP; Hung, SF; Laidler, KA; Leung, PWL1998122
Zero-inflated Poisson regression mixture modelLim, HK; Li, WK; Yu, PLH201415
医学统计学与电脑实验Fang, JQ; Xu, YY; Yu, SL; Su, BH; Ng, KW199771
從香港的自殺現象看老人自殺問題Yip, PSF; Chi, I; Yu, KK1998413
抽樣統計調查實用指南Ho, FWH; Shen, SM; Ng, KW; Chan, YK199286
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