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Ultimate ruin probability for a time-series risk model with dependent classes of insurance businessWan, LM; Yuen, KC; Li, WK2005126
A unified analysis of claim costs up to ruin in a Markovian arrival risk modelCheung, ECK; Feng, R201335
A unified approach for estimating population size in capture-recapture studies with arbitrary removalsYip, PSF; Wan, ECY; Chan, KS200164
Unified generalized iterative scaling and its applicationsGao, W; Shi, NZ; Tang, ML; Fu, L; Tian, G2010170
A unified likelihood-based approach for estimating population size in continuous-time capture-recapture experiments with frailtyXi, L; Yip, PSF; Watson, R2007555
A unified method for checking compatibility and uniqueness for finite discrete conditional distributionsTian, GL; Tan, M; Ng, KW; Tang, ML2009148
Uniform design over a convex polyhedronFang, K; Tian, G; Xie, M199965
Uniform designs for mixture-amount experiments and for mixture experiments under order restrictionsTian, G; Fang, K199977
Uniform distributions in a class of convex polyhedrons with applications to drug combination studiesTian, GL; Fang, HB; Tan, M; Qin, H; Tang, ML2009148
Uniform tail asymptotics for the stochastic present value of aggregate claims in the renewal risk modelTang, Q; Wang, G; Yuen, KC2010158
Uniformly consistent bootstrap confidence intervalsYu, Zhuqing.; 俞翥清.2012144
Uniformly consistent confidence intervals under smooth function modelsYu, Z; Lee, SMS201168
Unifrom asymptotics for ruin probabilities of the renewal risk model with risky investmentsTang, Q; Wang, G; Yuen, KC2009250
Upper bounds for ruin probabilityYang, H199789
Upper Bounds for Ruin Probability in a filtered compound Poisson modelNg, KW; Yang, H; Zhang, L.2006115
Upper bounds for ruin probability under time series modelsChan, GKC; Yang, H2006286
Upper comonotonicityCheung, KC2009119
Upper comonotonicity and convex upper bounds for sums of random variablesDong, J; Cheung, KC; Yang, H201074
Upper gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with aspirin and clopidogrel co-therapyNg, FH; Lam, KF; Wong, SY; Chang, CM; Lau, YK; Yuen, WC; Chu, WM; Wong, BCY2008237
Upregulation and activation of PKCα by ErbB2 through Src promotes breast cancer cell invasion that can be blocked by combined treatment with PKCα and Src inhibitorsTan, M; Li, P; Sun, M; Yin, G; Yu, D200697
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