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Tail behavior of negatively associated heavy-tailed sumsGeluk, J; Ng, KW2006157
Tail of a linear diffusion with Markov switchingde Saporta, B; Yao, JF2004104
Tail of a linear diffusion with Markov switchingDe Saporta, B; Yao, JF2005130
Tail strength to combine two p values: Their correlation cannot be ignoredZang, Y; Fung, WK; Zheng, G2008218
Teaching Undergraduate Statistics Using Forensic ExamplesFung, TWK2001104
Teenage attempted suicide in Hong Kong.Yip, PS; Chiu, LH1998129
Temporal modeling of motion textures with mixed-sates Markov chainsCrivelli, T; Frías, BC; Bouthemy, P; Yao, JF2008134
Test de différence de contrastes et somme pondérée de khi-deuxBayomog, S; Guyon, X; Hardouin, C; Jianfeng, Y199665
A test for constant fatality rate of an emerging epidemic: With applications to severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong and BeijingLam, KF; Deshpande, JV; Lau, EHY; NaikNimbalkar, UV; Yip, PSF; Xu, Y2008191
Test for homogeneity in gamma mixture models using likelihood ratioWong, ST; Li, WK201415
A test of fit for a semiparametric additive risk modelYuen, KC; Burke, MD199747
Testing a linear time series model against its threshold extensionLi, G; Li, WK2011619
Testing for double threshold autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic modelWong, CS; Li, WK2000825
Testing for kinship in a subdivided populationFung, WK; Carracedo, A; Hu, YQ2003175
Testing for threshold autoregression with conditional heteroscedasticityWong, CS; Li, WK1997121
Testing for threshold moving average with conditional heteroscedasticityLi, G; Li, WK2008435
Testing for varying dispersion in exponential family nonlinear modelsWei, BC; Shi, JQ; Fung, WK; Hu, YQ1998115
Testing linear hypotheses in high-dimensional regressionsYao, JJ; Bai, ZD; Jiang, D; Zheng, S201290
Testing linkage equilibrium on allelic data between VNTR lociFung, WK1997103
Testing model adequacy for dynamic panel data with intercorrelationFu, B; Li, WK; Fung, WK2002122
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