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Sample size determination for the non-randomised triangular model for sensitive questions in a surveyTian, GL; Tang, ML; Liu, Z; Tan, M; Tang, NS2011129
Sample surveys with sensitive questions: a nonrandomized response approachTan, MT; Tian, GL; Tang, ML2009139
SARS case-fatality rates [2]Fung, WK; Yu, PLH2003238
Score tests for hyperbolic GARCH modelsLi, M; Li, G; Li, WK2011193
Screening methodYu, Chau-ping.; 余秋萍1993291
Seasonal changes in suicide in the United States, 1971 to 2000Bridges, FS; Yip, PSF; Yang, KCT200566
Seasonal variation in suicides re-examined: No sex difference in Hong Kong and TaiwanHo, TP; Chao, A; Yip, P1997199
Seasonal variation in suicides: Diminished or vanished. Experience from England and Wales, 1982-1996Yip, PSF; Chao, A; Chiu, CWF2000122
The second order approximation to sample influence curve in canonical correlation analysisFung, WK; Gu, H1998105
Second-order accuracy of depth-based bootstrap confidence regionsWei, B; Lee, SMS2012150
Seemingly unrelated intervention time series model for effectiveness evaluation of large scale environmental remediationIp, HL; Li, WK; Leung, KMY201166
Seemingly unrelated intervention time series models for effectiveness evaluation of large scale environmental remediationIP, HL; Li, WK; Leung, KMY201338
Segmentation of motion textures using mixed-state Markov Random FieldsCrivelli, T; CernuschiFrías, B; Bouthemy, P; Yao, JF2006109
Self-designing trial combined with classical group sequential monitoringYin, G; Shen, Y200573
Semi-parametric accelerated failure time regression analysis with application to interval-censored HIV/AIDS dataXue, H; Lam, KF; Cowling, BJ; de Wolf, F2006145
Semi-parametric multilevel random effects model with time-yarying regression coefficients for correlated grouped survival dataWong, MCM; Lam, KF; Lo, ECM200688
Semi-static hedging of guarantees in variable annuities under exponential lévy modelsPang, Long-fung.; 彭朗峯.2010278
Seminar on standardized assessment and role of gate-keeping in long term careChi, I; Lam, TP; Lam, KF199884
Semiparametric analysis of interval censored survival dataLong, Yongxian.; 龙泳先.2010294
Semiparametric analysis of zero-inflated count dataLam, KF; Xue, H; Bun Cheung, Y2006143
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