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Necessary and sufficient conditions for weak no-arbitrage in securities markets with frictionsDeng, X; Li, ZF; Wang, S; Yang, H2005109
Neighbourhood selection for local modelling and prediction of hydrological time seriesJayawardena, AW; Li, WK; Xu, P2002214
The nested dirichlet distribution and incomplete categorical data analysisNg, KW; Tang, ML; Tian, GL; Tan, M2009149
Neural networks and its applications on financial tradingLam, King-chung; 林勁松1998229
A new method for estimating subgroup means under misclassificationMak, TK; Li, WK198894
A new non-randomized model for analysis sensitive questions with binary outcomesTian, GL; Yu, JW; Tang, ML; Geng, Z200776
A new non-randomized multi-category response model for surveys with a single sensitive question: Design and analysisTang, ML; Tian, GL; Tang, NS; Liu, Z200970
A new notion of data depth based on goodness-of-fit testsDong, Y; Lee, SMS2009182
A new statistical depth function with applications to multimodal dataLok, WS; Lee, SMS2011164
New-based learning in statisticsFung, TWK; Yu, PLH200695
Noise level estimation for a chaotic time seriesXu, P; Li, WK; Jayawardena, AW2012136
Non-exponential bounds for ruin probability with interest effect includedYang, H1999118
Non-iterative sampling-based Bayesian methods for identifying changepoints in the sequence of cases of Haemolytic uraemic syndromeTian, GL; Ng, KW; Li, KC; Tan, M2009131
Non-parametric back-projection of HIV positive tests using multinomial and Poisson settingsChau, PH; Yip, PSF2004119
A noniterative sampling method for computing posteriors in the structure of EM-type algorithmsTan, M; Tian, GL; Ng, KW2003296
Nonlinear time series modeling with application to finance and other fieldsJin, Shusong.; 金曙松.2005349
Nonparametric Bayesian CredibilitySiu, TK; Yang, H2009152
Nonparametric checks for single-index modelsStute, W; Zhu, LX2005357
Nonparametric conditional inference for regression coefficients with application to configural polysamplingHo, YHS; Lee, SMS2008227
Nonparametric confidence intervals based on extreme bootstrap percentilesLee, SMS2000543
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