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Lack of effect of bilateral removal of accessory sex glands on sexual behaviour in the male golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)Chow, PH; Ng, KW; Pang, SF1996125
A latent contingency table approach to dose finding for combinations of two agentsYin, G; Yuan, Y2009137
Learned probabilistic image motion models for event detection in videosPiriou, G; Bouthemy, P; Yao, JF2004121
Learning mixed-state Markov models for statistical motion texture trackingCrivelli, T; Bouthemy, P; CernuschiFrías, B; Yao, JF200993
Least absolute deviation estimation for fractionally integrated autoregressive moving average time series models with conditional heteroscedasticityLi, G; Li, WK200873
Least absolute deviation estimation for unit root processes with garch errorsLi, G; Li, WK2009579
Least squares estimation of varying-coefficient hazard regression with application to breast cancer dose-intensity dataYin, G; Hui, L2009106
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parametersYu, PLH; Lam, K1996132
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parametersYu, PLH; Lam, K199591
Likelihood-based approaches for multivariate linear models under inequality constraints for incomplete dataZheng, S; Guo, J; Shi, NZ; Tian, GL2012104
Likelihood-based confidence interval for the ratio of scale parameters of two independent Weibull distributionsWu, J; Wong, ACM; Ng, KW2005162
Limiting distributions of maximum likelihood estimators for unstable autoregressive moving-average time series with general autoregressive heteroscedastic errorsLing, S; Li, WK199873
Linear diffusion with stationary switching regimeGuyon, X; Iovleff, S; Yao, JF2004128
Local asymptotic minimax estimation of functionals of asymptotically normal sampling distributionsLee, SMS199589
Local asymptotic mininmax estimation of functionals of asymptotically normal sampling distributionLee, SMS1997108
Local Influence Analysis for Penalized Gaussian Likelihood Estimators in Partially Linear ModelsZhu, ZY; He, X; Fung, WK2003114
Local influence for restricted likelihood: Application to factor analysisKwan, CW; Fung, TWK199793
Local influence for the restricted likelihood with applicationsGu, H; Fung, TWK200189
Local likelihood with time-varying additive hazards modelLi, H; Yin, G; Zhou, Y200782
A local moments estimation of the spectrum of a large dimensional covariance matrixYao, JJ; LI, WM201331
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