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The joint distribution of surplus immediately before ruin and the deficit at ruin under interest forceYang, H; Zhang, L2001136
Joint estimation of mean-covariance model for longitudinal data with basis function approximationsMao, J; Zhu, Z; Fung, WK2011168
Joint modeling of cointegration and conditional heteroscedasticity with applicationsWong, H; Li, WK; Ling, S2005160
A k-sample test with interval censored dataYuen, KC; Shi, J; Zhu, L200687
Kernel method for the estimation of the distribution function and the mean with auxiliary information in ranked set samplingLam, KF; Yu, PLH; Lee, CF2002167
Lack of effect of bilateral removal of accessory sex glands on sexual behaviour in the male golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)Chow, PH; Ng, KW; Pang, SF1996125
A latent contingency table approach to dose finding for combinations of two agentsYin, G; Yuan, Y2009137
Learned probabilistic image motion models for event detection in videosPiriou, G; Bouthemy, P; Yao, JF2004121
Learning mixed-state Markov models for statistical motion texture trackingCrivelli, T; Bouthemy, P; CernuschiFrías, B; Yao, JF200993
Least absolute deviation estimation for fractionally integrated autoregressive moving average time series models with conditional heteroscedasticityLi, G; Li, WK200873
Least absolute deviation estimation for unit root processes with garch errorsLi, G; Li, WK2009579
Least squares estimation of varying-coefficient hazard regression with application to breast cancer dose-intensity dataYin, G; Hui, L2009106
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parametersYu, PLH; Lam, K1996132
Likelihood ratio test for the spacing between two adjacent location parametersYu, PLH; Lam, K199591
Likelihood-based approaches for multivariate linear models under inequality constraints for incomplete dataZheng, S; Guo, J; Shi, NZ; Tian, GL2012104
Likelihood-based confidence interval for the ratio of scale parameters of two independent Weibull distributionsWu, J; Wong, ACM; Ng, KW2005161
Limiting distributions of maximum likelihood estimators for unstable autoregressive moving-average time series with general autoregressive heteroscedastic errorsLing, S; Li, WK199873
Linear diffusion with stationary switching regimeGuyon, X; Iovleff, S; Yao, JF2004128
Local asymptotic minimax estimation of functionals of asymptotically normal sampling distributionsLee, SMS199589
Local asymptotic mininmax estimation of functionals of asymptotically normal sampling distributionLee, SMS1997108
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