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Gastroesophageal reflux disease is associated with poor asthma control, quality of life, and psychological status in Chinese asthma patientsCheung, TK; Lam, B; Lam, KF; Ip, M; Ng, C; Kung, R; Wong, BCY2009414
Gender selection in China: Its meanings and implicationsChan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Ng, EHY; Ho, PC; Chan, CHY; Au, JSK2002202
A general class of Bayesian survival models with zero and nonzero cure fractionsYin, G; Ibrahim, JG2005101
General M-estimation and its bootstrapLee, SMS201296
A general transformation class of semiparametric cure rate frailty modelsDiao, G; Yin, G2012108
Generalized estimating equations for variance and covariance parameters in regression credibility modelsLo, CH; Fung, WK; Zhu, ZY2006161
Generalized leverage and its applicationsWei, BC; Hu, YQ; Fung, WK1998185
Generalized method of moments estimation for linear regression with clustered failure time dataLi, H; Yin, G2009130
A generalized penalty function for a class of discrete renewal processesWoo, JK201293
A generalized penalty function in Sparre Andersen risk models with surplus-dependent premiumCheung, ECK2011234
A generalized penalty function with the maximum surplus prior to ruin in a MAP risk modelCheung, ECK; Landriault, D2010230
Generalized Supremum Tests for the Equality of Cause Specific Hazard RatesKochar, SC; Lam, KF; Yip, PSF2002108
Genetic polymorphism at three STR loci - CSF1PO, HUMTHO1 and TPOX, and the AMP-FLP locus D1S80 for the Chinese population in Hong KongLaw, MY; Wong, DM; Fung, WK; Chan, KL; Li, C; Lun, TS; Lai, KM; Cheung, KY; Chiu, CT2001163
A geometric process maintenance model and optimal policyLam, Y201321
A geometric-process maintenance model for a deteriorating system under a random environmentLam, Y; Zhang, YL2003290
Gerber-Shiu analysis with a generalized penalty functionCheung, ECK; Landriault, D; Willmot, GE; Woo, JK2010270
The Gerber-Shiu expected discounted penalty function for risk processes with interest and a constant dividend barrierYuen, KC; Wang, G; Li, WK2007238
Gerber-Shiu function in threshold insurance risk modelsGong, Qi; 龔綺2008402
A Gibbs-sampler approach to estimate the number of faults in a system using capture-recapture samplingHayakawa, Y; Yip, PSF2000611
Glutathione-s-transferase-pi expression in early breast cancer: Association with outcome and response to chemotherapyArun, BK; Granville, LA; Yin, G; Middleton, LP; Dawood, S; Kau, SW; Kamal, A; Hsu, L; Hortobagyi, GN; Sahin, AA2010123
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