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10% or 5% match window in DNA profilingFung, WK1996268
A comparison of two approaches to time series forecastingMok, Ching-wah.; 莫正華1993302
A robust non-time series approach for valuation of weather derivativesand related productsFriedlander, Michael Arthur.2011326
A statistical study of the fertility and mortality situation in Hong Kong during the 1970's and 80'sHo, Wing-huen.; 何永煊.1989247
A study of alcohol pharmacokinetic of local Chinese in Hong KongYang, Chi-ting.; 楊志停.2003511
A study of election survey results of 1991 Legislative Council Direct ElectionCheng, Ying-fat.; 鄭英發.1993273
A study of fertility and mortality patterns in Hong KongChoi, Man-ki.; 蔡敏琦.2006243
A study of M-out-of-N bootstrap approaches to construction of confidence setsChung, Kam-hin.; 宗錦軒1998257
A study of nonparametric inference problems using Monte Carlo methodsHo, Hoi-sheung.; 何凱嫦.2005268
A study of optimal investment strategy for insurance portfolioLiu, Chi-sang.; 廖智生2003433
A study of physical fitness and academic performance of teenagersYu, Mei-fong.; 余美芳.1993525
A study of Saddlepoint-based resampling methodsWong, Oi-ling, Irene; 黃愛玲2000214
A study of the factors affecting the first year performance of students in technical institutesLai, Hing-biu.; 黎慶標.1993532
A study of trade statistics of West Malaysia, 1947-68Chay, Yee.; 蔡儀1973230
A study on fertility transition in Hong KongXie, Shuying.; 解書影2007417
A study on the beta coefficients of securities in Hong KongMa, Chin-wan, Raymond.; 馬展雲.1989441
A study on the growth profile and factors affecting the rate of growthof new born babies in Hong KongAu, Man-tak.; 區萬德.1991265
A study on the predictive power of HKCE examination results regarding the performance in HKAL examination for science studentsFu, Tak-wah.; 傅德華.1989312
A study on the socio-economic characteristics of the 'public' vis-a-vis 'private' sectors in Hong KongTsui, Lai-hing.; 徐麗卿.1991309
A study on three different sampling frames for telephone surveyChan, Pik-heung.; 陳碧響.1991221
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