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Data Mining In Diabetes Diagnosis And DetectionBose, I2005153
Data Mining In TourismBose, I2009218
A Data-Driven Approach to Measure Web Site NavigabilityFang, X; Hu, PJ; Chau, MCL; Hu, H; Yang, Z; Sheng, ORL201234
Databases For Mobile ApplicationsBose, I; Ping, W; Shan, M; Shing, W; Shing, Y; Tin, C; Wai, S2005103
Dealing with anxiety: how effective health messages undermine self-controlAgrawal, N; Wan, EW2010131
Deciding The Financial Health Of Dotcoms Using Rough SetsBose, I200681
Decision making style in the construction industryFung, Kit-wing, Eric.; 馮傑榮.1991213
Decision models for single-period products with two ordering opportunitiesLau, AHL; Lau, HS199859
Decision support for the design of a new production plant using visual interactive simulationChau, Patrick YK; Bell, Peter C199452
Decision support using traditional simulation and visual interactive simulationChau, Patrick YK1994113
Decision-making and e-commerce systemsThong, JYL; Chau, PYK; Tam, KY200145
Defending fallen icons: a self-serving empathy explanationTse, DKC; Kineta, H; Kim, S201345
Degeneracy in inventory modelsLau, AHL; Lau, HS; Pyke, DF200249
Dell: Selling Directly, GloballyFarhoomand, AF; Ng, PSP2000163
Demand uncertainty and returns policies for a seasonal product: An alternative modelLau, AHL; Lau, HS; Willett, KD200082
Demand variability and incentives in inventory-based contractsPaul, A; Bose, I200474
Deregulation & business opportunity: a case stydy of private residential building management industry in Hong KongChan, Chun-wah, Owen.; 陳津華.1992190
Deregulation of telecommunications market in Hong KongTsan, Siu-yan.; 湛兆仁.1993287
Design and evaluation of a multi-agent collaborative Web mining systemChau, M; Zeng, D; Chen, H; Huang, M; Hendriawan, D200358
The Design and Evaluation of Accessibility on Web NavigationYen, BP200276
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