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Tanshinone production in ti-transformed Salvia miltiorrhiza cell suspension culturesChen, H; Yuan, JP; Chen, F; Zhang, YL; Song, JY1997140
Taxonomic analysis of a haloacid degrading Burkholderia species MBA4Chan, Yuen-piu.; 陳源標.2005356
Temperature measurement by thermocouple in a microwave fieldLi, L; Li, B; Chen, SF1999166
The characterization of amaranthus starchChan, Sze-ming, Almen.; 陳詩明.2002180
The characterization of tomato plants transformed with various anti-sense ACC synthase genesMak, Man-hing.; 麥文馨2001259
The ecology of fire in Hong KongChau, Kam-chiu, Lawrence.; 周錦超.1994355
The ecology of Hong Kong limpetsLiu, Jian-hua.; 劉建華1992228
The ecology of the pitcher plant Nepethes mirabilis and its associatedfauna in Hong KongCorker, Barbara.1984252
The effect of propylene glycol alginates on oil uptake texture of steamed-and-fried instant noodlesChen, Xiao-fang.; 陳曉芳1997264
The growth and astaxanthin formation of haematococcus lacustrisLau, Oi-ha.; 劉愛霞1998243
The growth and fatty acid formation of Monodus Subterraneus under mixotrophic conditionsLam, Ping-ping.; 林萍萍2000356
The growth and mineral contents of vegetables treated with composed livestock wasteLee, Cheuk-hung; 李焯雄1994225
The growth characteristics of Spirulina platensis under photoautotrophic and mixotrophic conditionsCheung, Suk-man.; 張淑雯2000719
The influence of hydrocolloids on frozen food stabilityLo, Cheuk-ting.; 盧焯婷2001283
The non-starch polysaccharides of taro (Colocasia esculenta)Jiang, Gaosong.; 蔣高松1999391
The phycomycete flora of soil and litter in Hong KongChang, Jung.; 張蓉.1963202
The physiology and parasitism of Helminthosporium oryzae Breda deHaanLam, Tung-hoi; 林東海1967416
The use of bacteria to monitor and reflect pollution of the aquatic environmentChiu, Hok-cheung, Simon.; 周鶴祥.1992165
The use of species diversity and evenness indices for investigating the effects of water quality on diatom communitiesLaw, Chi-yuen.; 羅志遠.1982155
The utilization of wheat landraces as sources of novel starch and protein qualityBhattacharya, Monisha.1997271
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