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D225G mutation in hemagglutinin of pandemic influenza H1N1 (2009) virus enhances virulence in miceZheng, B; Chan, KH; Zhang, AJX; Zhou, J; Chan, CCS; Poon, VKM; Zhang, K; Leung, VHC; Jin, DY; Woo, PCY; Chan, JFW; To, KKW; Chen, H; Yuen, KY2010606
A database of genetic variants in microRNA genes and their putative functional roles in gene regulationWang, JJ201150
DDGni: dynamic delay gene-network inference from high-temporal data using gapped local alignmentYalamanchili, HK; Yan, B; Li, J; Qin, J; Zhao, Z; Chin, FYL; Wang, JJ201442
The decapentaplegic core promoter region plays an integral role in the spatial control of transcriptionSchwyter, DH; Huang, JD; Dubnicoff, T; Courey, AJ199598
Decellularization of chondrocyte-encapsulated collagen microspheresCheng, HW; Tsui, K; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP2008120
Decellularization of chondrocyte-encapsulated collagen microspheres – A 3D model to study effects of acellular matrix on stem cell fateCheng, HW; Tsui, YK; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009125
Decellularization of chondrocyte-encapsulated collagen microspheres: A three-dimensional model to study the effects of acellular matrix on stem cell fateCheng, HW; Tsui, YK; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009267
Deciphering the mechanisms of genetic disorders by high throughput genomic dataBao, Suying; 鲍素莹20136
Decreased c-Jun expression correlates with impaired spinal motoneuron regeneration in aged mice following sciatic nerve crushYuan, Q; Su, H; Guo, J; Tsang, KY; Cheah, KSE; Chiu, K; Yang, J; Wong, WM; So, KF; Huang, JD; Wu, W; Lin, ZX2012200
Dedifferentiation: A new approach in stem cell researchCai, S; Fu, X; Sheng, Z2007233
Defective adult muscle satellite cells in Zmpste24 deficient miceScharner, Juergen.2008159
Defective ATM-Kap-1-mediated chromatin remodeling impairs DNA repair and accelerates senescence in progeria mouse modelLiu, B; Wang, Z; Ghosh, S; Zhou, Z201359
Defective prelamin A processing and muscular and adipocyte alterations in Zmpste24 metalloproteinase-deficient micePendás, AM; Zhou, Z; Cadiñanos, J; Freije, JMP; Wang, J; Hultenby, K; Astudillo, A; Wernerson, A; Rodríguez, F; Tryggvason, K; López-Otín, C2002102
Defective Self-renewal And Early Cellular Senescence In Premature Aging Mesenchymal Stem CellsKong, CT; Zhou, Z200886
Defects in cochlear structure and function in the Sox9Y440X campomelic dysplasia mouse modelCheah, KSE; Szeto, YY; Au, YK; Wynn, S; Mak, ACY; Chan, YS; Lovell-Badge, RH; Chan, WY; Fritzsch, B201185
Defects in early B lymphocyte development in Zmpste24⁻′⁻ miceZhou, Shuangcheng.; 周雙宬.2009155
Deficiency of novel inhibitory neurotransmitter carbon monoxide in aganglionic bowel of Hirschsprung's disease.Chen, Y; Lui, VCH; Sham, MH; Tam, PKH200183
Defining the function of type X collagen in skeletal developmentKwan, Kin-ming.; 關健明1997196
Defining the phenotype and molecular signatures of notochordal nucleus pulposus cellsLeung, V; Lim, FL; Hung, S; Tuan, R; Chan, D; Cheung, K201088
Defining the role of Sox9 in early development by tissue specific gene inactivationWynn, SL; Au, YK; Cheah, KSE200369
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