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Results 1008 to 1027 of 1984
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M-TRAM urban stationscape in Sai Ying PunLau, Tai-wai, David.; 劉大偉.2001415
Ma On Shan Community Centre and LibraryWong, Wai-lam, William; 黃偉霖2000462
Macao historical urban fabric: study of Patio and Beco as catalyst buildingsWang, WJ2009238
Macau Convention & Exhibition CentreNgai, Yee-hong.; 魏怡康.1997743
Macau Grand Prix international communityYuen, Kwok-kuen, Patrick.; 袁國權.1997455
Macau history museum complexChoi, Kam-lung, Franky.; 蔡錦龍.1996496
Macroscopic analysis of building energy efficiency standardsHui, SCM; Cheung, KP1998156
Macroscopic Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency StandardsHui, SCM; Cheung, KP1997131
Mainland architects in Hong Kong after 1949: a bifurcated history of modern chinese architectureWang, Haoyu.; 王浩娛.2008411
Mainland quality: meaning and endurance in China's contemporary landscapeMelbourne, SJ201321
Mainland quality: meaning and endurance in China's contemporary landscapeMelbourne, S201324
Maintenance planning for heritage buildings: developing a maintenance planning model for Hong KongLo, Cheuk-shing; 盧焯成2003682
The Malachite CitySolomon, JD2007110
Managed Wilderness: An Architectural Study of Hong Kong's Country ParksCheung, DTM2004124
Managerial use of quantitative techniques in building project management: contractors perspectivesLin, Chun-ming.; 連振明.2000459
Managing the impact on living heritage resources of changing concept of social and political values: the tale of Wanchai and Kwun TongLung, DPY2008425
Manipulating configurable architecture models using hierarchical structureWong, Chung-ho, Richard.; 黃仲豪2000246
Mapping memories: a methodology to quantify the "collective memory" of places through the process of way-findingin CentralAng, Bing-hun, Fanny.; 洪彬芬20081,501
Mapping the lost cultural landscape of the Donghua Daoist Temple in Chongqing: a study of the importance ofcultural landscape for Daoist sitesSu, Yanfang; 苏艳芳2012192
Marine education and research centreWu, Yan-cheuk.; 胡仁倬1994397
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