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Results 862 to 881 of 1984
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I.T. museum & E-learning CentreFu, Shun, Tom.; 符迅.2002388
Identifying the legibility of the roadscape in motionChung, Jenniefur.; 鍾珍莉.2006322
IdentitySchuldenfrei, EH201144
IdeologySchuldenfrei, EH2009161
Illustrated Glossary on Construction TechnologyThe University of Hong Kong; Ruffina Thilakaratne, Ruffina2004396
Imageability of urban landscape moving across alleys in city fabricsPong, Yu-ling, Benni.; 龐宇靈.2009431
The impact of a rapidly expanding service sector on private office property: the case of Hong KongJayantha, WM; Lau, SSY; Ganesan, S200195
Impact of service sector on office space construction and use: the case of Hong KongWadu, Mesthrige Jayanthe.2002228
Impact of tourism on a cultural heritage place: the case of West Street (Xi Jie) in Yangshuo Town,Guangxi Province, ChinaYuan, Xiaoning; 袁晓宁201365
IMPACT: a heritage conservation resourceThe University of Hong Kong; Architectural Conservation Programme (ACP), Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong2005349
The Improvement of Green Building Process in China from the Perspectives of Building DesignersJia, B; Xie, X2011120
Improving the efficiency of cost control in the building process by computerizing the cost information flow, with reference to Hong KongWong, Chi-wah, Andrew; 黃志華1983338
In informal study of Asian citiesLau, SSY1994127
In search for meaning: on architectural criticismZhu, T2008241
In Search of "nothingness"Chan, Kin-kwok, Stephen; 陳建國1999297
In search of beauty in urban landscapeLung, DPY1999212
In Search of Diversity in School Design Competition Record (with design entry published)Lung, DPY; Law, J; Tsang, B2003244
Inclined [expression], [impression]: an urbanconnector/collector on the inclined surface at foothillSo, Ling-yue, Daphne.; 蘇令如.2001278
Income, lifestyle, residential differentiation of young professionals in transitional ShanghaiWang, J; Lau, SSY; Chau, KW2006258
Incorporating healthy living environment into Shatin, Humen: a typical industrial area in DongguanWong, Yeuk-ting.; 黃若葶.2007280
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