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Results 469 to 488 of 1983
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D-Lab 2 Beyond: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for ModernizationDu, J; Chang, YH200781
Dance in the city / the city in dance: dancers' community in Tsim Sha TsuiSo, Hoi-yan, Elizabeth.; 蘇凱欣.2001438
Dance with Trees: Fuming Elementary School, Taichung”, design works selectedWang, WJ2007122
Dancers and sculpture: rethinking "planning" againThung, Chi-ming, Herbert.; 童智明.2004456
Daylight availability in Hong Kong: Classification into three sky conditionsBaharuddin; Lau, SSY; Rahim, R2010138
Daylight measurement data in Makassar, IndonesiaLau, SSY; Baharuddin, B; Rahim, R; Hidayah, R2010113
Daytime urban heat island effect in high-rise and high-density residential developments in Hong KongGiridharan, R; Ganesan, S; Lau, SSY2004197
Deconstructing the Faculty of Architecture: the architectural school 2001Woo, Wing-tat, Alfred.; 胡榮達.1999267
Decoration, 306090 Volume 10Solomon, JD; Abruzzo, EA2006123
Deep Blue - Experiment in digital design and makingGao, Y; Ottevaere, OP201259
The Deep Blue, Experiment in Architectural Design and MakingGao, Y; Ottevaere, OP201322
Defining the interface of the private and the shared : The Cultivation of citizenship in the economical housingJia, B2009189
Delineation of View Rights in the Development of High-rise Buildings-The Case of VancouverLorne, F; Cheung, DTM; Ye, AM2005126
Demystifying Tree TransplantingPryor, MR201225
Deng Gao: a new landscape approach to cemeterySo, Shui-shan, Isaac.; 蘇瑞山.2007349
Dense Living Urban Structures: International Conference on Open Building Vol1-2Jia, B2003124
Density control and the quality of living space: A case study of private housing development in Hong KongChan, EHW; Tang, BS; Wong, WS2002261
Design a Framework for City Livability in a Land-use Marketization: Urban design concepts for urban redevelopment in Shanghai, ChinaJia, B; Lu, L1998121
Design by removal pre-adaptable demolition for urban renewalCai, Muzi; 蔡牧孜20123
Design CentreHo, Wing-ming.; 何穎銘.1997250
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