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Zhou Wo: towards a new ruralismXia, Lewei.; 夏乐伟.201371
Zhuji wetland city: stormwater recycleChen, Yuxiao.; 陳瑜瀟.2007376
Zone separation: A probit analysis of Hong Kong planning application statisticsLai, LWC; Ho, WKO2001158
Zonging and Property Rights: A Hong Kong Case StudyLai, LWC1996132
Zoning and Property Rights: A Hong Kong Case Studies (2nd edition)Lai, LWC1998132
Zoning and Property Rights: A Hong Kong Case Study 2nd ed.Lai, LWC2001118
Zoning and Property Rights: a Hong Kong Case Study. 2nd edLai, LWC1998148
Zoning for Agricultural Land Protection by the Integration of Remote Sensing, GIS and Cellular AutomataLi, X; Yeh, AGO2001121
Zoning for agricultural land protection using cellular automata (in Chinese)Li, X; Yeh, AGO2000115
Zoning land for agricultural protection by the integration of remote sensing, GIS, and cellular automataLi, X; Yeh, AGO2001102
Ztampz_MathesonLee, ALC2005163
不同经济和社会背景下的建筑形态 : 客家围屋与徽州村落的比较Jiang, Y; Jia, B2009260
不能報廢Yiu, CY2007149
中国沿海省份大城市紧凑程度测算方法与分析Chan, RCK; Xie, Y2010397
中國城市化戰略目標及其基本對策Yao, SM; Chan, RCK2008190
为什么谈传统?Zhu, T201329
从发动群众到公民参与, 从小区开发到社区营造Zhu, T201223
全球化和當代中國大城市發展趨勢Zhao, SX; Chan, RCK; Sit, KTO2002156
剖析香港房屋問題癥結Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2012101
區域合作與泛珠江三角洲經濟整合Chan, RCK2005154
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