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W1 House, Clear Water Bay: Following the NatureWang, WJ201184
Wa! The wú wéi academic librarianLiu, AMM2008191
Waiting for intelligent vertical transport systems: a comparison of the International Commerce Centre and AIATowerCheung, Kar-wai, Joseph.; 張家偉.2012194
Wake Up Call: Network Alarms, Strategy and PerformanceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Meier, KJ; O’Toole Jr, LJ; Walker, RM2007124
Walkable new towns: a review on the pedestrian environment in Hong Kong's new towns for the planning forfuture new development areasLeung, Sui-hei.; 梁萃熹.2012177
Walker, D. H. T. and Rowlinson, S., Eds. (2007, Nov). Procurement Systems – A Cross Industry Project Management Perspective, Taylor & Francis, LondonWalker, DHT; Rowlinson, SM2007215
Walking into history: experiencing Tang city wallLü, Lin; 呂琳2005284
A Wall Tile Stress Monitoring System - A 'Nerve Fibre' on the Skin of a BuildingYiu, CY; Chan, IK2009241
Walled buildings in Hong KongTong, Serena.; 唐思敏20091,035
Wanchai Gap Road revitalizationLeung, Shun-cheung, Xylem.; 梁順祥2001569
WanChai Park Study: a case study for the future development of Urban Parks in Hong KongMak, WS2011145
Wanchai Through Community PerspectivesCook, AHS; Ng, MK2000132
Wang Shu's Reception of Prizker Prize: Inspiration and ExpectationZhu, T201274
Waste management and its implications for environmental planning: a review of the waste management strategyfor Hong KongSo, Wing-yeung.; 蘇永揚.1994342
Waste management of commercial building in Hong KongMak, Wan-han; 麥韞嫻201344
Waste minimization in Hong Kong households and offices: how individuals can create less waste in their every daylives and how different organizations can provide implementationsupportLai, Wan-kay, Irene.; 黎蘊琪.2005385
Waste urbanism: a questioning imaginary of urban metamorphosisZhang, Yucong.; 张愚聪.201360
Water management in China: the quantitative and qualitative approaches in the eastern route of the south to northwater diversion projectChan, Che-san, Teresa.; 陳芷珊.201332
Waterfront Enhancement As Catalyst For Urban Regeneration: Tianjin Haihe River In ChinaShang, W2009221
Waterfront in congested urban area: redevelopment for the ex-North Point Estate siteLam, Ching-yu, Felix.; 林靖宇.2009391
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